Monday, 24 December 2012

Maybe one day, you will be cool like these people. Kind of.

You know, like, wise grandmas that say stuff like 'I can feel there's going to be a storm tomorrow cos my knees are going all craggy" or in Karen from Mean Girls' case; "I have ESPN or something my breasts can always tell when it's going to rain"

WELL I have this feeling that the rise of the celebrity Asiaphile is NIGH. Why? Cos these buggers keep popping up all over the place recently.

When I say Asiaphile, I don't mean like someone with yellow fever or a weeaboo. I don't mean the kind of annoying 14 year old girl wearing cat ears dressed in poor Gothic Lolita fashion that you see at an anime convention with her equally sweaty friends and they're screaming about yaoi and dancing to Caramel Dansen; that shit is just...wrong.

In this context I mean celebrities who have an interest in some aspect of Korean and Japanese pop culture that are really prominent in their identities or interest, and here's some of the major ones within music and fashion.

If you're not familiar with Jedward, they're a twin pop act from Ireland. Everyone here has an opinion on Jedward, good or bad, but I love them. They're well known for a number of reason 1) being [celebrity] twins 2) dressing in matching Jeremy Scott clothes 3) Big-ass hair. Taeyang and G-dragon seem to be the only people that they actually ever tweet and they frequently tweet Big Bang lyrics and use parts of kpop songs on their youtube videos.Their current twitter display picture is the picture on the far right, I bet they were proud. Bless them.

Grimes a.k.a Claire Boucher
 Grimes is a Canadian experimental musician who is a proud weeaboo and lover of k-pop, siting K-pop girl group SNSD as one of the main inspirations for the music video for her song Vanessa. She frequently proclaims her love for G-dragon on twitter and once rescheduled an interview just so she could see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in concert.

Josie Stevens
Josie is the wife of American guitarist Steve Stevens. Josie was one of the four rock star wives featured on the show Married to Rock. Josie is a lover of all things kawaii, particularly Hello Kitty and once tried to spruce up her husband's tour bus with Hello Kitty merchandise. She's also a big fan of Japanese street fashion and if any Western celebrity could be called a Gal. she would be it. She nearly always wears blue circle lenses, false lashes, dons hime hair on the occasion and even has her own etsy store dedicated to deco, though it's kind of empty at the moment. Total sweetheart!

Jeremy Scott
Anyone who is into K-pop will know who Jeremy Scott is. American fashion designer Jeremy Scott is the ultimate 2NE1 fan boy and practically throws all his designs at the girls. He was seemingly interested in kpop before he started styling the girls but now CL appears to be his favourite human being ever and they're forever flying around the planet to meet each other on their days off to go party. Talk about BFFLz. Wish I could do that...

Nicki Minaj
I don't understand all these multiple personas Nicki has, but she has this one called Harajuku Barbie which is a reference to the street style in Harajuku in Tokyo. Nicki once tweeted that she loves the "Souls" of her Japanese fans (plz don't eat them Nicki). In the picture on the right she's posing with two of the staff from harajuku based brand 6%Dokidoki. I'm kind of indifferent about Nicki but she does harajuku style way better than Gwen Stefani, that was just BAD.

So there we have it; Famous Asiaphiles. I think that as our generation of Japanese and Korean pop culture lovers grow up (and as K-pop is on the rise, no thanks to PSY btw, K-pop was massive way before Gangnam Style appeared, just sayin') the number of celebrities in the fashion and music world are only going to increase, and then we can see people who we know who are all famous and shit and you can be like 'Lol I remember when she cried when she saw SHINee in person' and you can be a dick about about it and you can just kekeke and wwww at all the sarangs and sukis that you have for you your oppas and sempais and everyone else is just like WTF I understand nothing

This entry was going well up until that last bit. Can anyone think of any more?


  1. Interesting post! Kpop is def growing more popular and popular. Can't wait till we can hear SNSD, and 2ne1 on the radio. :)

  2. JEREMY SCOTT! I love his style so much! And great great post! <33

  3. I think Kat Graham (or something), the resident witch from The Vampire Diaries, is a vocal 2NE1 fan as well hehe

  4. Your first description of an asiaphile: dead on. Killed me XD

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  6. i loooove grimes xo

    you have a wonderful blog!