Monday, 19 January 2015

Gyaru poundland haul and recent buys

Look at me blogging more than once ever 6 months!

I don't really have anything good to post at the moment. I have a really bad habit of not taking photos of when I go out, I get a bit too caught up in the moment so all I have to post about today are some recent buys.

I have kindled a love for £1 shops. I don't know what sparked me to go but last week I found myself going to all 4 £1/99p/discount stores in my town and I loved it.

I bought so much shit for so cheap. I am so happy.

Firstly I picked up these rather terrifying Little Mix nail wraps from Savers.
 I don't know how popular these guys are in other countries, but just in case you don't know Little Mix are a girl group here. I don't listen to them but these nail wraps were less than a pound so naturally the sparkles made me want them. You could still actually buy these nail wraps for full price in Boots.

Top left to bottom right: Poundland, Savers, Pound World, Poundland
 Pound Land actually have their own little makeup line which is actually surprisingly good! I bought 3 nail polish. The first 2 are nice, the last one looks nice in the bottle, but once you put it on, it's dark dark brown. Nah.
Collagen face masks from Saver which are AMAZING btw. A bit too big for my face but I manage.
Sleek and Bourgeois lashes (which are a less fancy rip off of this Shu Uemura pair) I have yet to try and finally hair chalk because why not.

I actually bought more stuff but I forgot to take pictures of them. Oops!

I haven't really been buying that many clothes recently because I'm trying to save up. I really wanted some light blue in my wardrobe (because suddenly everything is pink and all the pinks clash and it's a nightmare)

I bought the blue River Island shoes on impulse but then realised I had nothing to go with it so I bought thee Forever 21 jumper with a back bow to match.

And (I bought these quite a while ago) some River Island pyjamas which I have been wearing separately as day wear. No one's caught me out yet so it obviously doesn't matter!

I'm waiting on some new clothes to arrive in the post. I bought a tracksuit for the first time in years and I'm waiting for a new Datura skirt and Rady dress but I'll make another post about those once they arrive.



  1. bloody hell 79p for those nail wraps! (little mix are koreaboos, they even released one of their songs in korean wtf) and seriously hair chalk from poundland?! glorious

    and omg show me the trackie!!!!!!!!!!!! i am looking for some trackie bottoms too atm :'D

  2. the shoes is so pretty! i feel the same too,lately been so into for all -light blue items ^^

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