Friday, 16 January 2015

Future bedroom inspiration?

Just wanted to share these pretty images by spacial and furniture designer Anny Wang.

Recently I've been working on changing my bedroom décor a bit. 
My love of functionality and hatred things that don't serve practical purpose in a room has left my room looking, well, like a white box with bits of boring ass furniture and the odd pink thing.

While I love practical things that look decorative, there's not enough stuff in my room to stop it looking like a plain white box so my mission recently has been finding things to fill it with.

When I came across any's designs the other day, it really made me want to play with texture and get marble bedsheets and lilac fur carpets and paint the walls in gradient pinks and purples.

Hope you enjoy? And if you know of any other interior designers or furniture designers that create awesome stuff.

Love Love Emmie x