Sunday, 12 August 2012

GIVEAWAY!: It's-about-time-Emmie-did-a-giveaway giveaway!

 I am proud to say that I am hosting my first ever blog giveaway!

I've had my blog well over two years and it was about time I had on, as a thank you to all my followers old and new for supporting my little home on the internet!

Anybody can enter the giveaway as long as they follow the rules of the giveaway, which are listed in the widget at the bottom of the page.

The giveaway is open internationally

2 gorgeous necklaces sponsored by Junk Jewels
2 Natural collection eyeshadows in Fine Silver and Mermaid
2 super cute bunny themed notebooks from Artbox
1 bottle of L'Oreal Perfect Clean facial scrub
5 assorted pairs of top and bottom false lashes
4 Superdrug face masks
1 pair of Kiss ever easy lashes with string applicators
MUA blush in Shade 1
MUA lipstick in Shade 4

Oh and these which I forgot to put in the main item pictures D,:

2 pairs of  Volume Eye lashes (very similar to Kyary 501 lashes)
1 pair of brandless lashes
1 pair of Diamond Baby lashes
1 pair of Eyelash Laboratory Shiina Hikari Lashes

I got these two pretties for which Zoe from Junk Jewels kindly sent me especially for this giveaway.
 A Purple Quarts shard and a gold plated gun and star, both on gold plated chains~ oooh!
I kind of want to keep them for myself but they're for one of you lucky people 8D

A couple of close ups of the makeup so you can see the colours better

The chocolate ones smell particularly good. Like actual chocolate. But please don't eat them...

Currently loving these colours~

There are 23 possible entries you can submit. There are 4 compulsory options that you must complete before you can enter anymore entries.

You must follow me on google friend connect or Blog lovin'!
You must follow Junk Jewels on twitter
You must like Junk Jewels' Facebook page
You must leave your email address

The rest of the others are optional but you will have a much better chance of winning if you complete those to.

Please do not leave any of your details in the comments !

The giveaway finishes on the 30th November 2012 and I will notify the winners both on here and by their email addresses.

Tell everyone you know; your friends, your dad, your cat.

Good luck guys!!

PS. I also might be adding more things to giveaway as time goes on

Edit: I will NOT be counting people whose blogspots are made specifically for giveaways. I have come across several people like this already and I do not think it is fair that they should be allowed to participate.


  1. Thank you for the great giveaway~

  2. I don't use Google Friend Connect and don't know how to use it but I've followed you on Blog Lovin for a year now :)

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  4. Joined! Thanks for this giveaway! Hoping to win!!! :)

  5. Entered :) Yay!
    Thanks for this giveaway :)


  6. Great giveaway and I'm your new subscriber via gfc :)