Thursday, 6 March 2014

Reason why Fashionable People are Sad

I have a question for you; Have you ever seen a fashionable person smile?
The answer is no.

But why is this? What is making these magnificent creatures troubled?
There are many reasons why fashionable people don't smile, I'll break some down for you.

Picture this:

You're walking past doing shit and you see a boy decked top to toe in black. He's wearing about 5 layers of what looks like bed linen pinned to his lank figure and he's wearing an expression that looks like he's contemplating murder. Why is he so miserable? What could have possibly happened to him that made him look so sour?

1. He's poor as shit

This guy couldn't even smile if he tried, he just spent £400 of a pair of Raf Simmons shoes, he's not going to be able to eat or pay rent for a good few months. I know I'd be sad if that happened to me.
Your priorities are in the wrong place my dear
2.You're hurting his eyes
Having to look at clothes that aren't from brands that demand 3 figures for t-shirts is exhausting, irritating and painful on the eyes. If only he could be surrounded by 50 other people wearing an outfit that costs as much as a deposit on a flat maybe a smile would crack across his jaded face.

It's a lonely fashion life. 

3. He's not the only sad one

If you happened to come across somebody in the street with a massive smile across their face, you'd probably wonder who they just murdered. These fashion people have chronic bitch-face syndrome just like you, but because of their flashing dressing, you're more likely to pay attention to them and notice their stroppy faces. He's happy on the inside. 

4. He's bored

There are 4 staff bundled together talking about yesterdays party and you feel like walking into their shop is intruding on their conversation.

How dare you interrupt you pleb!!

It's a hard life working in "Dat Boutique Wot Noone Has Herd Ov" (you know the place right? no of course you don't). His 5 day weeks with long hours on his feet and few customers make days slow and dull and his only solace are his co-workers. Yes they look like scary pack animals whose clothes cost more than 6 months worth of rent but the truth is they're just bloody bored of standing there. 

5. Not everyone appreciates his sense of style.

Some people just can't keep their opinions to themselves. Our poor little noodle-haired hero has a hard time from some of the shitty guys in his neighbourhood. 

It's hard being fabulous so give him a break. He can take solace in the fact that in 3 years time, those dumb shits will be wearing the exact same clothes as he is now and he can laugh at how sheep-minded and out of date they are. 

So there we have it, the mystery that is the scary fashion boy hopefully debunked for you.

I swear I only blogged like last week but I turn around and it's actually been like 6 months, I can't believe it!
I'm in a busy period of my life at the moment, it's my final year at university, I now have a job and the website I'm working for Stylehoney is about to be released so I don't have much time to sit down and blog for long periods of time so forgive me I am STILL ALIVE!

I am more active on other social media-y things particularly twitter and tumblr so please follow me there~

What are your experiences with "Fashion people"?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Why I hate "Streetwear"

This is going to be a ranty post about my least favourite trend of the last 2 years.

I wanted to like it. I tried so effing hard to like it but I just can't. I welcomed it with open arms but when it arrived I ran for the fucking hills. And I can't escape it. Nobody can escape it. What is it?


That bandwagon that EVERY high street brand in every country has been jumping on.

So what is street wear exactly?

Street wear originally was a type of "urban uniform" worn by skaters and b-boys which was both fashionable and practical enough for both dossing around the streets and being physically active.

Recently [unfortunately] we have once again dragged another trend from the depths of the 90s and reworked it to our suit 21st century taste, while completely forgetting the origins and meaning on streetwear to begin with.

Want to look like a 14 year old English girl, well here we are! Let me talk you through possible outfit combinations
The left is a standard option, the right if for all you daring lot

Head: A beanie or snapback. Extra cool-points if the beanie is from a brand nobody has ever heard of. Snapback must be from Supreme.

Top: A tshirt varying from cropped to long. Can be worn in or out. Must be HUGE. Bonus points if the print is from your friends new streetwear brand on ASOS marketplace

Bottoms: Shorts cut like knickers. Don't like exposing your ass? Fuck you here have some leggings instead. Black leggings as pants are, like, so boring, hows about something in a hideous print from your childhood?

Legs: bare or socks of varying lengths

Shoes: BIG AND CLUNKY. The more they look like your school shoes when you were 5 the better.

Accessories: LOTS OF GOLD. Nothing says 'street' like a chain you bought from Primark. Want to feel authentic? Try one of those plastic neon tattoo necklaces and bracelets you had 50 of when you were 8. Feeling daring? Hows about some culturally appropriated bindis? Disrespecting other peoples culture for the sake of fashion is cute as hell

So why don't I like it? Let me tell you!

1. We spent the whole of the 2000s reflecting back on past fashion, why are we still doing it.

Philosopher George Santayana said this famous quite which I believes sums up my view on streetwear.

"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Did you see the key point it was trying to make? DOOMED. George is basically saying that the past is there for a reason and the reason we aren't still contunieing with those aspects from the past are because they are HORRIBLE MISTAKES.

All that sunflower print and tiki beads from your childhood are mistakes, and if you try wearing them again, you will die.

2.  I thought we left garish text print tops in 2007

Remember that Nu-rave trend that was nothing to do with rave at all where everyone wore t-shirts with dumb slogans on them? I certainly do. I only just got over how awful they were. 

Henry Holland was my least favorite person back then
This time round, text on clothes comes in the form of brand names splashed across everything. I know the y-generation aren't the brightest crayons in the box but come on, I think we can remember the names of the brands of our clothing.

Streetwear; insulting your intelligence. Also fuck you, I don't want to be a walking advert..

3. Cultural appropriation is gross.

Wearing bindis, Native American headdresses, hindu god prints, thawbs (traditional arabian clothing) etc because it makes you look "cute" or "edgy" is not cute or edgy. It's gross. It's rude and disrespectful to dilute someone elses' culture for the sake of your fashion choices. Don't promote it. Don't do it. I've seen so many street wear kids using those items and it makes me want to vom.

I know peace signs are appropriated, but still lol

4. It's become the new tracksuit

The chavs from late 90s to early 2000s were distinct for their pulled back hair and trackuits. The streetwear crowd is doing exactly the same thing except with tousled hair and mini-shorts that ride so high up your butt that you have booty-cleavage. It's become a uniform.

Don't let you ass 'do a Miley'. Poor booty.


Every high street shop is doing their own variation of the look and unless you want to pay premium for clothes, you can expect to end up looking like a street wear clone for years to come.

Trends are born out of a change in the socio-cultural climate so there is a reason why streetwear has stuck around for so long. Whatever that socio-cultural change is, I want it to go away 5ever and present us with something new and magical.

The past 15 years of fashion have been a period of nostalgia for fashion from previous decades. When will we look to the future of fashion? When will we start to create a look which is signature to the current decade we're in? 

Let it end soon otherwise I will be opting to wear a bin bag for the rest of eternity.  

-back flips off cliff-

Monday, 26 August 2013

Pictures and shit from summer

Hi guyssss!

I say this all the time but I wish I would take more photographs when I'm out and about with friends. I never remember to take out my camera when the moment calls for it because I'm too busy enjoying the moment but when I look back on it I wish I took pictures!

I barely have any pictures as usual so here's just some random pictures of things I've been doing with words.

A few months ago me and my friends were invited to Alex Mattsson's S/S14 collaboration with Brooke Candy who I talked about in my last post.

Stole this from Joel. My friends are so precious <3 br="">
The flash on my camera broke while I was there so I didn't get any decent pictures of Alex's collection or Brooke's performance.

I have been looking boring recently. I know a lot of the people who follow me are Gals but I don't think I can call myself gal anymore because I look boring as hellllll. I'll get better!!

You'd be worried if my bedroom was tidy right?

I'm currently having a massive wardrobe overhaul because I released how bored I am of everything, so I'll be putting a sales page on here in the next few weeks. I want a lovely shiny new wardrobe so i can become a happy sparkly gal once more.

My friend Joel managed to get me and my friends invited to Katy Eary's s/s14 fashion show and after event a little while ago, which was AMAZING! A bonus was that we got to stand behind Mademoiselle Yulia who is even more gorgeous in person <3 p="">
This is what I wore on the day.
I'm obsessed with this UNIF skirt the boning in the front it looks like you have a massive wang if you're sitting down
I have bought a few bought a few new things recently, including these amazing ebay sunglasses that had a glorious but short life
RIP glasses
I got dis bomber jacket for £1 recently
£1 bomber jacket WOOP WOOOOO
Recently I went to a Gal meeting which me and my bebe Marie hosted. I really want to get back into the gal scene because the times when I were hanging out with lots of gals were some of most treasured memories. There are so many new faces in the UK gal scene; a lot more than there used to be. Every was so so friendly and I've made some really amazing new friends so we hope to have lots more meets in the future. I just need to up my game with my style.

On to me being emo.
  I've been having some issues with my heart recently and I'm not too sure what brought it on. Over the last few months my heart has been beating abnormally fast when I'm active. I've been to the doctors and had tests and I've been told that yes it is fast but it's nothing to worry about. Sometimes it beats so quickly when I walk I'm surprised I'm still standing! I feel nothing though. It doesn't hurt. Well it doesn't occasionally on and off but I don't know if its my heart or my chest or my muscles aching because I sit like an idiot.
I don't know if its all in my head or anxiety but whatever it is, I want to get to the bottom of it before I start university again. It's funny how you get sick as soon as you have nothing to do. CRY. I'll be fine. I'll be FIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!

PS- is there anything in particular you'd like to see me post about?

I'm out have a song.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Your new S/S13 style icons according to me.

Happy days! We finally have good weather in the UK so I churned out this post in fitting with this rare occasion.
My style inspiration posts have been some of my most popular evur, but since I hadn't made one this year, here we go! Your brand brand new s/s13 style icons... according to me! HAH.

Congratulations Ms Brooke on winning at Tumblr, the rest of you can all leave in an orderly line.
What's so amazing about Brooke Candy? Other than the visual fabulousity that you are currently experiencing, Brooke Candy is amazing rapper and is totally pro-lady, which is quite lovely in today's trend of slagging off girls left and right. Brooke is all about loving your sisters, sexual freedom and her lyrics are refreshingly tongue in cheek!

Why Brooke Candy is your new S/S13 style icon
  • Tis the season to show booty [fa la lalala etc you know the rest] and Brooke Candy is all about the booty, but bum cheeks gets boring with just mini shorts and skirts so try and amp it up with some metal knickers or simply just a thong for casually going down the highstreet
  •  The chav look has been dead just long enough to bring it back ironically or just wear it with pride anyway because from an aesthetic point of view, the chav look was kind of awesome
  • You know you miss those braids you used to get on holiday when you were like 5 well here's your excuse to get them done again!

Amo is a model/ singer/ designer/ style icon/ everything and it takes a special kind of person to have a style named after them, in this case it being 'Amo Style'. Amo's look is 'kawaii' but creepy, but not in the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu sense of rainbow everything and ugly-cute (or kimo-kawa), but in a slightly nostalgic, melacholy sense. I love the juxtapositin of contrasting moods and its slightly more adult than Kyary's look, which I personally feel more comfortable wearing.

Why AMO is your new S/S13 style icon

  • It's summer: it's hot. It's only natural you want to be a mermaid; she's already half way there
  • There needs to be a new place on your face for blusher. Cheeks are so passe. Rosey glow is so 'meh'. It's all about having blush under your eyes, like sunburn. It's cute! (No really look at her.)
  • You can rewear your pastels. Remember that tiny trend we had last year for pastel colours that popped up out of nowhere and then vanished after two weeks? In your excitement of a refreshing change of colour pallet amongst browns, that gross mustard colour and worst of all burgandy you bought everything in Topshop and have yet to wear it all again. Well now is your chance! Don't worry about looking like a cupcake, just go all out.

Did I hear an 'Is that Lady Gaga?' No? GOOD. So this is Natalia Kills who I feel like is going to be the next big thing in music. As well of churning out some amazing pop tracks, she's definitely one of the more original dressers we have in the world of Western celebrity. So much black and gold mmmm.

Why Natalia Kills is your new S/S13 style icon
  • Everything she wears is black, like your wardrobe Black doesn't have to be for autumnal months. Express your distain for British weather and societies expectations of your S/S12 wardrobe by donning an all black ensemble right in the middle of summer "Is it Halloween, love" that builder down your road chimes. " YES, yes it is. In my soul" you reply
  • Those sunglasses though. Have you ever seen a person look so majestic in a pair of Jeremy Scott glasses before? No you have not. Exactly. If you want to wear his glasses successfully, you'll need to 'pull a Natalia'.
  • The new eyebrows. Cara Delevigne's full brow trend gave us eyebrowier girls a chance to give our poor eyestaches a little break from over-plucking but Natalia's straight brows are a nice alternative. I hear straight brows are quite popular with that Ulzzang lot too.

If any of y'all aren't familiar with this gal, or this rather ghostly look, this is artist and designer, Minori and her look is called Shiro-nuri (shiro meaning white, hence the white face), which is one of the newer style tribes in Tokyo ((as a subculture nut, I am INCREDIBLY excited for this new tribe.)) Traditionally Shiro-nuri makeup was used by people such as Geishas and Kabuki artists. Minori's nature inspired look isn't typical of the shiro-nuri tribe as members of the community can wear anything from gothic to lolita to grotesque, it's a really variable look!

Why Minori is your new S/S13 style icon
  • White face = flattering photos by default. If you are a Japanese blogger, a 14 year old girl on the internet or are me, the 'brightness' option on photo editor is your best friend. Who cares if your nose is missing, look how fabulously flawless your skin is, right? Painting your face white completely cuts out the middle man, so you are photo ready 100% of the time!
  • You can wear pajamas in public and not get thrown out of Tescos. Let me elaborate a little more. By pajamas I actually mean glamorous vintage night dresses, bed jackets and peignoirs which can pass as fancy little dresses. Layer them up, and you're ready to go! And you'll feel like a fairy, which is like totally always in fashion right?
  • Loving what you love despite society's social norms is always fabulous. Have a watch of her recent interview with Tokyo Fashion, she lives and breathes her style and wears it everywhere. She doesn't care about how others see her, she does what she loves
Also this video is crazy beautiful

and lastly!

When I say Vintage, I mean the era between the 80s and late 90s where anime girls had normal voices and had more value than purely fanservice.

The 'magical girl' is a common tv trope in anime, that being a regular girl that transforms into a super hero with magical, adorable powers with the help of a magical object, being a tiara, a wand, a compact mirror. They're pretty, powerful and I think every girl wishes we was part magical girl.

Why Magical Girls are your new S/S13 style icons

  • They are super quick at getting ready. This point isn't style inspiration, it's life inspiration. If if they can have a full face of makeup, perfect hair and are dressed in 30 seconds then why can't you? Go time yourself to see how fast you can get ready.
  • They know how to keep their coloured hair vibrant and healthy. As a bleached girl, my hair when not taken proper care of feels and often looks like a dead badger. These girls have none of that. What's their secret? Who knows, they're magical they probably don't know how it works either, but DIY hair masks for bleached hair work just as well!
  • They're practical and stylish. While kicking ass or going about important life things, it's important to be dressed appropriately. You can't be tripping over your heels or laces and you need to be comfortable but those traits aren't always that cute, but these girls are doing it right.
There we have it folks, your five brand new style inspirations for the lovely seasons of Spring and Summer. I hope you feel inspired~

Who or what are your inspirations this season?

P.S I got new hair!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Spring style inspiration- Otsuka Etsuna

After being in a 'dark' fashion phase for so long (e.g. black everything, or neons, spikes, heavy structures, brash everything) I've found myself craving to look the polar opposite.

Recently I have been craving frills, lace and anything pastel coloured but at the same time those are things that I have never really been comfortable wearing because I've always been worried I'd come across looking too 'cutesy'.

Still I was determined to get my fix of frills, pastels and lace clothes that aren't too cute and thankfully I came across an adorable designer and brand called Etsuna Otsuka.

Marvel at the LACEY REALNESS.
Don't those clothes make you want to just frolic in a field? I know I do.
Willing to sell my soul for these dresses. Yes I am!
Her latest collection channels brides, princesses, mermaids, ballerinas; basically everything you wanted to be as a little girl but it's done in a way that's not overly cute or typically childish

Eating might be a bad idea while wearing these because anything you drop of them will show up
Despite all the happy inspirations, I feel like there is an undertone of creepy happening with this brand, which I love. 

Also the designer is a babe and I love it when designers wear their own clothes.


It's times like now I wish my sewing skills weren't so rusty! I'd love to be able to make stuff like this. But seeing as I can't for the meantime, I will be invading as many vintage stores as possible for vintage lingerie and babydolls.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Songs of the month; MAY 2013

High quality graphics.

Can you believe that it's nearly the end of May? April was like the slowest month of my life but with May; I think I was aware it was May for about 2 days and now suddenly it's gone!

I love discovering or being recommended new music so I thought I'd share some of my favorite tunes for the month!

My music taste hasn't really changed much over the past few years, it's always been quite diverse but yah, here's my faves~

I haven't really been keeping up with kpop as much as I used to ((I still shamelessly creepy on the pretty new boys tho -ugly laughter-)). There are so many new groups debuting like every week that it fries my brain, but I just happened listen to Tarzan by the Wonderboyz and was entranced by how bloody catchy it is! Feels like summer~ IF WE HAD SUMMER IN ENGLAND UUGGH. The video's a bit creepy tho.

The video has yet to come out for this song but I'm awaiting eagerly! I think Studio Killers are gonna be huge, especially thanks to their main gal, Cherry. I've always loved the whole concept of animated  popstars, like the Gorillaz or Shanks and Bigfoot (remember them?) Their visuals are amazing, you have to check out their video for Ode to the Bouncer and Eros and Apollo and like fall in love with Cherry. Their lyrics address some pretty controversial issues but its still very lighthearted!

Appaz this song takes samples of a character called Yuna from the game Final Fantasy's theme music and another Final Fantasy theme song called Zanarkand? I didn't know that before I heard it. I am a MASSIVE Owsey fan. His music is so soothing and ambient and it makes me want to dream and be happy and aaaah. So nice, have a listen!

Not many people know much about UK Hip-hop music, but we have some really incredible musicians. Last Night in Paris are an arts and music collective containing a load of incredible young artists, fashion designers, music producers, photographers, film makers etc and they just produce the most amazing.. well everything. If you like The Weeknd or Miguel or love ambient, trip-hop or lo-fi, you will definitely love these guys, check out their Youtube channel too for their other songs~

In my eyes, G-dragon can do no wrong. Except maybe for the giant feet part in this vid EW, and the fact I have no clue what is happening this video. Yup I'm definitely deluded. This is such like a danceable song and it makes me want to dance (and then sit back down cos I cracked my hip from overexcitement) This is my walking song. I walk down the street thinking 'MURDER' with this playing full blast. I feel like such a bad-man.

UGH I'm obsessed with this song. Mainly because of the video. It's so poppy and 80s and just CUTE and I want a cute twin. I think it's quite an interesting sound coming from Japan. I think AmiAya are something a little different, it doesn't sound like regular Jpop. But I love it. And I want to be Ami and Aya. And sit on that rainbow tank. Ah ah visual overload~~

This song played high quality with ear phones is the most ethereal magical song ever. The video sounds exactly how the video depicts. I really wish Piana was still active with music as I only just discovered how amazing she is ;_;

I always forget about this song until it pops up on my phone playlist and I'm like HOOOLLY CRAP THIS IS AMAZING. Glen Check is actually a Korean band (omg a Korean BAND, whutt?). Leather's sound kind of reminds me of that whole electro/indie thing that was quite popular a couple of years ago, which I never particularly liked, but I LOVE THIS. I think it would totally go down well at a nightclub anywhere.

Sneaky entry! I've know about With Joyful Lips for ages but because I've been watching a lot of Bollywood movies recently, this was worth a share in my May faves! Anmol Ghadi is a mash up of sample sounds from an old Bollywood movie of the same name, and it just sounds so magical and glitchy

OK last one!

Only recently have I begun to appreciate some of the amazing songs that have been produced by the music software phenomenon Vocaloid. The software can allow people to create spoken lyrics from written words, and some of the results are really... meh. This vocals isn't the original Vocaloid version of 'Tawagoto Speaker' but it's a cover and a damn good one at that, I think it sounds better sung with a natural human voice, especially since the music itself is really well produced.

So there we have it guys, my favourite songs for May! What did you think?

Tell me what your favourite songs are this month!

I suddenly remembered that I used to post hideous pictures of myself like 2 years ago and I definitely think I need to get back into the swing of that. So here we go!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Creepy cute ahooooy!

 OH SNAAAAP I have finished university for the year!! As I have no more learning to do for the rest of the academic year, my body has also decided to go on a little vacay as usual.
It's funny how suddenly when you have a lot of time off you suddenly get ill.

I'm not too sure how it's happened but my wardrobe has expanded quite rapidly in the last few months so I'm going to be showing you quite a lot of new things that I have gotten in the last new weeks.

Recently I managed to buy one of my dream skirts, which is this UNIF Garter skirt that I had been eying up over the last year but I've never been able to find it online as it kept selling out. Thank the Cosmic Owl that Shimbi pointed it out to me so I could buy it and OH MY STARS IT IS A BEAUT.
All my clones are gonna get you
You can't actually attach anything to the garter straps, which is a shame.
 I wanted to go for an OTT girly but creepy look. I don't normally feel comfortable wearing really girly clothes but tying in some black made me happier for some reason.

Took some pictures of my face because I actually could be bothered to do my makeup that day.
Have I introduced you to my cat?
 I'm having a massive wardrobe purge at the moment as there is a lot of stuff that I don't wear anymore, so I'll be putting up a sales post on here in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I will spin here