Tuesday, 10 February 2015

New hair and other adventures

Hello little blog family! Nice to see you again. More purchases have been made, more money has been spend. More guilt I have been experiencing. What whatever. This month was filled with IMPORTANT PURCHASES and whatnot.

In other news, I have new hair. After becoming bored with my current hair, which I've had for over a year, my annual hair change was due.
I bought some 22" extensions a few months back and the idea what that they were supposed to match my current hair colour, which they didn't so off I went to hunt out a salon that could dye my hair the same colour at my extensions.

I went to Headmasters in Sutton for a colour consultation and I was told 'Na mate your hair will go yellow and die if we make it that colour, and there's no guarantee that it's going to turn out that colour'
'Oh' says I. Well whatever, I expected to dye my extensions because you can never trust ebay shops to have extensions the colour that they say that they are.
 I was super happy because they actually had good tea. Like better than Starbucks. Which is shit.
Anywho. I'm given  a load of options which what I can do with my hair in its current state, which was this lovely state of whatever colour this is called, with terrible 2 inch roots.

Anyway, I return 2 weeks later and I'm put in a chair. The girl looks at me and looks at the notes and she says '....highlights isn't going to work'
Two other salon girls are called in and they're all mulling over what I can do with my hair to make it blonde.
First thing they said to me was 'Let's try ombre'
'NO. NO NO'. I am so over ombre. Everyone and their dad has it, I really didn't want ombre, at least not dramatically anyway. DNW.
'How about Balayage, it's like ombre but with way less maintenance?

It would allow the stylists to work with my existing colour, which was already a lot lighter at the ends that it was nearer the top of my head so I was like.


I got this season's most trendy shit done to my hair basically. Interesting.

Grump queen. I had a load of "babylights" put around my hairline to blend my roots in
There were quite a lot of processes done. I can't really remember all the processes At this point already had my roots lightened and a base colour applied to my hair but there was no use of bleach.
In this picture, I had foils put in for the "babylights" put in around my hairline which would give a more natural look when I tied my hair up and all that.

The random strips of dye are the actual balayage, where the dye is hand painted in tones into the hair, using what looked like a spanking paddle. What was really interesting is that the stylist would line up the colour with my cheekbones at this is supposed to give the most flattering effect.

Anyway, here's a photo I took the next day of it. I'm really happy with the colour, obviously it's not what I intended to have originally, but it looks a lot nicer on my skin.

Yall can't see all the tones, I'll get a better picture later
Ok so that aside, I've been a bit mad on the shopping recently, which I would because I'm supposed to be saving for Japan! Ehhhhh.

I went down to Brighton with my family the other week and got the top on the left from Sugarhill boutique and it something ridiculous like £5.

I also wanted to treat myself to a tracksuit because I need more roomwear in general. 
Actual chav desu.
And the bottoms which I was wearing at the time. Hey there
Other things..
I couple of weeks ago, I ordered some clothes from MBOK. I got the pastel skirt from Japanese brand Datura (which is fast becoming my favourite brand) and the purple dress from Rady. Rady is normally sickeningly expensive but I think I got the dress for £20 so I ain't complaining.

All the pastels
The knitted vest, which has iridescent threads in it and the shoes are from River Island. I've bene hoping that if I buy enough spring clothing, spring will come faster.

I treated myself to a new bag. All of my bags are falling to pieces and I really like bags that I can carry a lot of things in so I got this baby from Ted Baker. I saw it the other week when I was out with my friend and knew we were destined to be together. It's HUGE and leather so hopefully it should last a long time.
Comes with a little clutch too
I don't know why I never thought to go in Ted Baker before. Their products are really to my current taste. If you love Oneegyaru brand like I do, then you really should have a look, their womenswear is beauuutiful (but pricey shush).

My beb Emi,who's living in Japan has started a shopping service which you can make use of if you're from the UK, send me over from lashes from Donki that I wanted.
Diamond lashes in Celeb, Nature is Lovely in Natural eye and Diamond lashes in Fairy eye
Aaannnndd recently I've just been eating my way around London. But what's new. I've been trying to take more pictures of my adventures but in the end I just take pictures of food!

From when I went out with the fam the other day...
Went for dinner after work with my favourite ladies. We went to Bibimbap in Soho. As the name says, it's purely bibimbap.
We all got Bulgogi with green tea on the side.
Then we went for cream cake in China town. Gad I love these things.

There is this AMAZING Thai restaurant chain that everyone needs to check out called Busaba. They had a deal running in January where if you paid using their app, you'd get 50% of your order. 
Me and Jess went twice and the second time round, we wended up ordering about £70 worth of food.
Their calamari is the best I have ever tasted. SO GOOD. 
Their prices are still really reasonable without the deal on. Seriously check it out, they're located here and here.

Enough prattling, I'm off. BYE.


  1. Your hair looks fab! Despite actually living in japan I haven't actually tried any of the diamond lash lashes yet, compared to the UK the choice of falsies here is insane I literally have no idea where to start! xx

    ☾ Liquorice Pearls ☾

    1. Diamond lashes are amazing you should definitely try them. The feathery natural-looking lashes that are quite popular atm are a good place to start because they can be worn for all occasions~

  2. Hey darling, love your blog and especially this post.
    Lovely hair cut and color, suits you so well. And the items you got are AMAZING! the bag and the shoes are to die for :3

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know (:

    Life In Pastel

  3. Your hair looks amazing!

    Also I'm sure one time you were saying how your wardrobe was super black I think you're doing a great job of kicking that old habit in the butt :D
    You look fabulous no matter what though hehe


  4. I love your hair! so cute <3

  5. Oh your hair is so amazing.
    Bai, Shiki


  6. Absolutely love your blog and this amazing post in particular (:
    Love how your hair turned out and the clothing items!

    Life in Pastel

  7. such cute clothes! my head exploded!