Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Buying Korean fashion; SUWONER review!

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Recently Korean fashion has been coming into the mainstream spotlight with the rising popularity of Korean pop. Like our own artists, the fashion that appears in Korean pop videos isn't an accurate representation of what appears on the the streets of South Korea so what do the every-day people of Korean wear?

Suwoner is an online shop that accurately portrays some of the key trends within Korean street fashion!
Nowadays there are quite a few online shops that stock Korean clothing like Yes Style, Hi Korean Fashion and AsianKoreanFashion but what sets Suwoner aside from some of these other shops is that it is actually based in South Korea. This gives the buyer the advantage of being able to observe Korean trends first hand which means you get to buy clothes that are band on trend! 

Let's have a little look at some of their stock for the moment. 

Super cute spotty skirt
Brilliant for casual and work wear
Unlike a lot of Korean fashion websites like Yes Style, the shipping won't kill you. Yesstyles shipping is crazy high and you can find yourself being charged more for shipping than the clothing themselves!

Brilliant for both winter and spring
Can be worn dressed up or down

Compared to Japanese fashion, Korean fashion is quite casual and the trends don't change as fast. Korean clothing is very easy to merge with your existing wardrobe as their trends follow a similar pattern as they do in the west.

A couple of things to note about a lot of Korean clothes; the majority of tops and dresses are one-size-fits-all or free size, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages being that you don't have to worry about something being available in your specific size, a disadvantage being that you could be too big or small to fit.

I was given a couple of things to review~

Firstly this grey dress. Again, it's a free size.. It was a little big under the arms so the shoulders kept falling off but I stitched it up a bit the sleeves now stay up!

It feels strange looking so casual!

Other than that it fits well! It's a really nice length; not quite a mini skirt, but it's really flattering.

Have some derp because I can't do a blog entry without it.
Children appeared just when we started taking pictures. GO AWAY CHILDREN. I know its a park but whatever...
And I got this cuuuute pink floral skirt. You can really tell from the picture but it's slightly metallic and it's so pretty!

In their pursuit of showing a lot of leg, they forgot that people have a butt to cover so I had to wear this quite low down on my waist to look decent haha.

You can see my new purple tresses here, thanks to my hair lady, Chriss 8D

Th quality of both items are really nice 8D I received my stuff in under a week and they came nicely packaged :)

I also wanted to point out the bags because they're my favourite part! Suwoner has a really nice selection genuine leather bags.

I go through bags like crisp packets as buying leather bags are usually really expensive but in the long-run, it probably works out a lot cheaper!

Their leather bags range from £25 to £142 which are all really reasonable prices for leather in general. Here are some of my faves from the site.

This cute sky blue bag with black trimming and white sides.

A gorgeous red leather backpack. You can almost see how buttery the leather is. Backpacks are right on trend too!

This cute luggage bag. The colours make it seasonless!
This bag comes in 2 other colours and resembles Mulberry's Bayswater bag.
Their artificial leather bags are cute too! 
I'm particularly fond of their cute pink number. it's a really good size to be a school bag
I used to have a bag like this when I was a kid and I really want this one D:

Unlike most shopping websites, Suwoner is updated with new stock almost every day! All the prices are reasonable and they are fabulous quality.

And because they're really nice and generous, they gave me a discount code for my readers to use!

 If you enter GALAXYGIRL into the discount code box, you can receive a 10% discount on your purchase! 

Follow them on facebook and twitter for live updates of new promotions and discount codes as well as showcasing new stock, kpop and drama news and any updates to the site. 


  1. Cool! This looks pretty cute!

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  3. Holy shit your hair. I've yet to see anyone actually do a split style, just tacky wigs (and some not-so-tacky ones). It looks AMAZING!

  4. Love the hair.

    And lol, I can see myself in the "OMG, there are children here"-pic.. not to mention PARENTS :D

    x, Lara

  5. I love this Korean style coming into trend. It's so... chic and sort of effortless looking? I just love it. It's right up my alley. Really glad you decided to do a post about it. I'm not so much a fan of the bags, but I love the pieces above that you featured...

    Also, I'm so in love with your purple hair! Nice one... love the color. Great look. How has your summer been? Hope you're enjoying it. talk to you soon,


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  9. Thanks for this post. Korean style fashion has really taken off in the last couple of years, I'm a bloke and love some of the outfits that Dangoon make, the only problem is the fairly small sizing available.

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