Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Emmie gets organised for once in her life; a review.

Hey yall!

 Recently I had the chance to order a new diary from a website called Personal Planner.

With Personal Planner, you can pretty much change all of the features of a planner to your specifications.

I am a horrible procrastinator and I have a gold-fish memory so having a new diary is seriously what I needed to organize like everything in life.
~ nostalgia time~
You know when you were in school and you were given a planner to use for school work and it was nice and crisp at the beginning of the year, but then about 2 months in, you're like "Screw this, you can't tell me what to do, I'M 14 F**K DA POPO" and totally deface it and draw doodles on it in scented gel pens and it looks mangled and dead and then you just stopped using it, well, this sort of eliminates that because you can totally customize this diary to your specifications and not get bored of it cos it's your own magical creation.

Let me show you the fruits of my loins brains.

It arrived in about a week! It comes with a protective plastic cover for the back and front covers.
I chose a picture from a shoot Miles Aldridge did for Vogue because fashion and cats.
You can also personalize the text on the front page, I could have said something hilarious but I thought I should be practical with what my front page said.

I wanted the inside to be as colourful as possible. I'm stupidly excited about the blue ruler.
IDEK why. I'm so easily amused
I picked the option of having a monthly over-view at the back of the planner, sort of wish I didn't, I should have asked for more blank paper D,:
The monthly over-view list significant calendar dates and phases of the moon
Now my new baby is living happily inside my handbag and accompanies me everywhere~
Welcome to the family of things that go into my bag, little diary
Wanna make one? Let me show y'all how this works.

The site is really simple to navigate, everything significant has giant arrows pointing to it

Pick your size, I got the smallest one :D

For your cover, use a picture that strikes joy into your heart whenever you look at it. Play with the text, and colour of the elastic.
I'm particularly impressed with how you can  make the diary start at any month~
Pick what the inside is going to look like. 
You can have personal dates printed, like your cat's birthday or that guy that you stalk on tumblr's birthday...
You can also chose extras for your page layout like to-do lists, work hours, goal list etc~
I regret picking those types of back pages, I have a grand total of 6 pages to make notes on now!
   and finally, create an owner info page. It could say anything but for practical reasons, you should probably leave some contact information on it if you happen to use it


If you want one, because you know you do, go here


Now that's over, I can strip naked and sit in front of my fan and watch the rest of Avatar; The last Airbender. Toodles!! 


  1. Thanks for sharing this!! I have very bad memory as well so I always need to jot things down. Being able to personalise my own planner/ notebook is such a nice idea.


  2. That's super cute <3 i love personalised things

  3. Ooh that's amazing! One of those would be so useful for work!



  4. You live in my town! D:

    Love how personalized it is :D

  5. this is lovely! i love how you can make it so unique to you! i love my diary and id be totally lost without it, so im so happy that my drink exploded in my bag today and ruined it :/ ffffffff

  6. It's amazing and so cute! Thank you for sharing :D

  7. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! And I just bought me a new calendar D:

    x Lara


  8. It's awesome that you can personalize it so easily! (/0v0)/ But I always slack off on using a planner so I could never buy one for more than $10 lol.

  9. Ah that's such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing :) x

    The Lovelorn

  10. I freaking love this. I'm gonna get one and say something hilarious on the front!

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  13. I'm dying to get one of these!

  14. It's ridiculous how excited I am about the fact I could get one of these for when I start college - the organisation freak within me is desperate to get her hands on one! I'm your newest follower! :)

    Love Ellen xx

  15. Omg, i def need one of these planners in my life! they look amazing, yours is gorgeous! xo

  16. That's amazing!


  17. Yeah, this sounds like something I could use. I'm always looking for ways to organize and feel important and make people think I have a buy life (and make my bag even heavier) but never following through. Now I can do it fashionably and actually follow through O: Thank you!

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