Sunday, 24 June 2012

Spring style inspiration; beautiful bad-ass edition

 I Am The Best- 2NE1

 There is nothing more inspiring to me than powerful women, it's always amazing to see women that assert their authority whether its through her work, her ambition or through her style.

 Power Dressing is a concept that was coined in the 80s for women who wore clothes that made them seem authoritarian in the work place, like matching suits and shoulder pads, but those doesn't translate too well into modern society. Thankfully, Power Dressing has been picked up by modern designers and has been given a modern twist.
Though the following girls aren't dressed for an office setting, elements of the attitude of Power Dressing are visible in their style.

So I am proud to present:

Spring Style Inspiration; the Beautiful Bad-Ass edition

Mademoiselle Yulia is a DJ, singer, writer, designer and socialite from Japan. Ever since I've been interested in Japanese fashion, I've seen her pictures scattered around. She is one woman whose style I can say is truly unique. Her silhouette's are always sophisticated, but the patterns and her use of 80s accessories make it special. Her trademark blue bob makes her look rather sever but I kind of love that! She's a self-made girl and I think that's really admirable. She also makes really catchy music 

Miliyah is a Japanese urban singer/song writer and designer. Style wise, I think she looks like tumblr exploded all over but she dodged some of the nastier late 90s, early 00s inspired trends. I love it. I think she projects a really different image to most female singers in Japan as her style is really western. Miliyah also speaks fluent English and is a fan of the London brand KTZ~ You can check out her eye-gasm of a video for Baby! Baby! Baby! here

Raised in the US, South-Korean Yoon, is one half of the design collective team, Ambush. Working along side her hip-hop hubby, Verbal, the pair are one of the most powerful fashion couples in the whole of Japan. On top of that, Yoon is also a successful blogger and DJ. I'm really happy to see her wear so many brand by British designers that are close to my heart. She also wears a lot of her own creations and uses her general awesomeness to promote her work. Here's her cover of The Runaway's song Cherry Bomb where you can see her in action as well as checking out some of Ambush's designs

At only 21, CL aka Chaerin Lee is fluent in 4 languages and is the leader of the most powerful girl-group in Korea, 2NE1. CL has connections with a number of Western celebrities and designers including producer and artist and designer Jeremy Scott. She has a naturally cool attitude and calm exterior. She also has amazing personal style when she isn't being dressed by stylists. Check her out in 2NE1's music video for their single I am the Best

So those are my favorite bad-ass babes. Who are yours?


  1. Really interesting and liking Yoon style as well!

  2. Love this post. Has everything I love. Fashion, creativity/crazy, 2ne1 and awesome-ness.

    Nail blog

  3. woah this post!
    loving the look of yoon (verbals wife?! didnt even know haha) and miliyah (whos music i WILL be checking out!!)

    1. haha yeah a lot of people don't realise Verbal is even married, I didn't even realise until I found out about Ambush

  4. OMG, if you add Eriko Nakao, we have the same exact fashion inspirations. They're all BAD!

    1. I adore Eriko as well. There are so many really inspiring women out there

  5. Thanks for sharing..It is very noce blog...I love blog...Fashion is very good for youth...Japanese fashion
    is very good

  6. These are the best women ever,
    you have good taste Emmie ^___^
    you are also beautiful and bad ass :D

  7. Definitely have to agree on ALL of your choices.