Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Fictional Style tribes

 Fineshrine- Purity Ring
I have a lot of time to burn in the next couple of weeks while I'm waiting on job stuff. I kind of wish I didn't leave looking for an internship until so late but other job stuff means that I don't think I'll have enough time to commit so it's kind of a nightmare and I'm destined to be poor and it's really depressing.

So while I was eternally sat on my ass, my friends showed me a lot of interested web-stores and some of them had really nice pieces so I decided to dream up some little fictional style tribes (because I love that stuff) and make outfits for them because I literally have nothing better to do.

Keyboard warriors

Keyboard warrior is a word I see used around the internet quite a lot and I think it sounds quite funny wanted to make a literal outfit for it. I used the h>fractal t-shirt as the main focal point, the headband to reflect a warrior/tough aspect, the leather skirt just because it looks kind of dramatic and the shoes because they're a more interesting take on the tribal sandal trend.

Urban ghosts. 
I thought it would be cute to have a group of people who just float around the town together, keeping to themselves, blending in with the shadows. I wanted the Bliss Lau leather dress to be worn over the bralet and skirt to give it a little bit of extra movement. I chose the shoes because I like how they force you to stay on your tiptoes when you walk, like creeping around quietly like a ghost.

Galaxy Girls
I couldn't think of a better name...
For girls who are in love the idea of space travel, the stars and dreaming. I love space inspired fashion so I used the Andrea Crews moon top as my main focal point. I like how the choker looks like the rings on a planet and thought it would be a cute detail. The silver leggings are simple as I didn't want bottoms that drew too  much attention away from the t-shirt. When space-inspired fashion became popular in the 60s, a lot of new materials were used such clear planet, hence why I used the clear shoes (plus they look awesome) and a simple reversible bag that picked up the colours of the leggings and shirt.

Aaaaand that was the product of about 20 minutes of dossing about. I really should try and think of some fantastical money making scheme. In the mean time I shall try and make something happen with my life. Woe is me.



  1. I love all these styles but I think I'd like to belong to the keyboard warriors tribe (for the good reason that I spend my life on my laptop lol) (and also because keyboard warriors sounds like what would happen if Xena and The Big Bang Theory meet)

  2. This is such a cute idea. I love it!
    I think I'd be a bit of keyboard warrior meets urban ghost haha

  3. aw i love this post!
    all the sets are amazing~ i love the Jeffrey Campbell shoes and the shoes in your galaxy girl set (aaaaaaaaaaaand im gonna go check out now <3)

  4. Being a Computer Science student, can't help but love the keyboard warrior idea!

  5. where can i buy these feels so girl goodies?

  6. I absolutely love both the pairs of shoes you've chosen here -!