Thursday, 28 June 2012

Killing boredom with fancy web magazines!

 What you've Done- William Fitzsimmons (NumberNin6 remix) 

I just spent the day helping my mum at her work. She works as a teacher for reception kids so I got to play god to a classroom of children for a few hours which was kind of fun, but TIRING. Recently, I seem to be falling out of love with the internet. I don't know if it's just because the internet has suddenly gotten boring or my tolerance to being alone has depleted but I've been trying to find some new ways of keeping myself amused.

I'm not exactly the cultured individual that I would like to be so on my mission to broaden my mind, I discovered the phenomenon that is web magazines, not exactly a new concept but none the less incredibly interesting. 

The majority of these cover things all things eye-gasmic e.g. art, illustraion photography etc; as you can see from the gifs, they're pretty dazzling. There are my 5 favorites judged on how dribble worthy they were

Triangulation mainly focuses on new media and experimental art so no stone sculptures here! What you will see is a lot experimentation with digital art be it graphics, gifs or illustration. Most of the posts are written by the artists themselves and they often walk you through the process of how their work as been done so you can pick up some tips on how to make fancy gif art for your own use! 
I have known about this site for a good few years but only recently have I started to look at it regularly. This is a fantastic place to find out about new artists, illustrators, musicians designers. The layout is really fresh and just cluttered enough to look really exciting but not overwhelming. Their illustrator tag is definitely my favorite part to look at, there are some gorgeous examples and fashion illustration is such an underrated/dying art form ):

Koikoikoi is just a brilliant all-round arts, culture and design magazine. I like how it's really, it's really chilled and doesn't use fancy words (brilliant when you're half dead like me). My favourite thing about the site is their tattoo tag, they feature some seriously beautiful work! (makes a nice change from seeing bad tattoos spread all across tumblr -cry-)

Who Killed Bambi
The name may be slightly perplexing but on realising that the site focuses on the more twisted side of art, it starts to make sense. Blood, death, skulls and violence seem to be an under-lying theme. Don't let that deter you though, it visually beautiful! This site is for the people who find beauty in the slightly unnerving. 

and the last one which is probably the mos magazine-ish of them all.
Rookie Mag
Style Rookie magazine is the brain-child of popular teen blogger Tavi Gevinson.  Written with teenage girls in mind, the site has a monthly theme for which its content will be about (this month being paradise). Some of my favourite entries being how to overcome awkwardness, scavenger hunt ideas, how to look like a bamf in red lipstick and how to not give a shit; way better than the celebrity-infused tripe teens deal with in mags in the shops nowadays. It's not just for teenagers mind, it's a brilliant read, the images are beautiful, it's witty and all the entries are written very thoughtfully.

Check them out and let me know what you think! Have you got any favourite online magazines?

In other news, I went to see the Korean boy band EXO-K last week. Homigod my pedonoona feels


  1. This post is perfect, I am getting so bored of my usual internet places and they're all dying! D8

  2. My favourite online magazine is definitely Rookie Mag :) I'm a teenager and I love it. I check it nearly everyday x

  3. i love :)