Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dazed & Confused Kyary Pamyu Pamyu launch party!

 Have any of you seen the covers for the December issue of UK Dazed and Confused? The December issue was a #FANTASIA take-over by Nichola Formichetti; guess who is gracing the cover?

If you are an Asiaphile like I am, you will have a heart attack when reading this issue; everyone who is awesome in Asia is in here and I guarantee you will recognize at least some of them.

Don't know who Nichola is? Nichola Formichetti, a Italian/Japanese fashion director and editor, the current creative director of the brand Mugler and is also the guy responsible for Lady Gaga's meat dress.

If seeing Kyary's glorious face grace the cover of a UK magazine was enough, my friends and I were also lucky enough to be invited to the launch party for it, thanks to absolute babe, Carri Munden of Casette Playa.

There were 4 cover variations with Nichola Formichetti, fashion icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and actress Angela Baby
The party was pretty fun. There were loads of people that I know from the internet and the East London fashion scene. I wish I talked to them, I just get so awkward around people I think are cool!
With my wives, Randa, Dodo and Siqi <3 br="br">
They played some kpop which was awesome, not enough if you ask me. Everyone was just standing there while we were flipping out over Fantastic Baby by Big Bang like the losers we are.

I really hope we get given the chance to go the events like that in the future. There are so many inspiring people in the east London fashion scene and it inspires me to do better in my studies and make a name for myself. I just wish I had some kind of design talent!!

In other news, I am now 21! So weird! My house mates got me the best birthday present!

My dreams have come true!
I shall now go and finish a super fun piece of coursework about integrated marketing communications.


  1. I LOVE kyary pamyu pamyu! She's so amazing!

    and this unicorn. My life's complete now... <33

  2. These photos are super cool :D
    You dreamed for an unicorn? haha


  3. You all look great! I managed to find a copy today :D

  4. ahhh this launch party looks amazing!! id love to go to a fashion event like that, even more so now ;A; urffdkf

    and the unicorn killed me :'D

  5. good luck with the coursework