Sunday, 9 June 2013

Spring style inspiration- Otsuka Etsuna

After being in a 'dark' fashion phase for so long (e.g. black everything, or neons, spikes, heavy structures, brash everything) I've found myself craving to look the polar opposite.

Recently I have been craving frills, lace and anything pastel coloured but at the same time those are things that I have never really been comfortable wearing because I've always been worried I'd come across looking too 'cutesy'.

Still I was determined to get my fix of frills, pastels and lace clothes that aren't too cute and thankfully I came across an adorable designer and brand called Etsuna Otsuka.

Marvel at the LACEY REALNESS.
Don't those clothes make you want to just frolic in a field? I know I do.
Willing to sell my soul for these dresses. Yes I am!
Her latest collection channels brides, princesses, mermaids, ballerinas; basically everything you wanted to be as a little girl but it's done in a way that's not overly cute or typically childish

Eating might be a bad idea while wearing these because anything you drop of them will show up
Despite all the happy inspirations, I feel like there is an undertone of creepy happening with this brand, which I love. 

Also the designer is a babe and I love it when designers wear their own clothes.


It's times like now I wish my sewing skills weren't so rusty! I'd love to be able to make stuff like this. But seeing as I can't for the meantime, I will be invading as many vintage stores as possible for vintage lingerie and babydolls.


  1. I basically love everything in this post. I'm exactely the same, always black but lately I've been into pastels and lace <3 All these pics are going into my inspiration folder :D

    1. It's strange isn't it! I wouldn't mind but buying a whole new wardrobe is expensive haha! I'm glad you like the pictures :)) Your blog is wonderful btw, I've just started following it~

  2. I fell across Etsuna a little while ago as well and I completely fell in love with her! I so wish I was able to pull off a more girly look! I love the more transparent babydolls-perrfecctt!

  3. Love this!! The clothing is sooo cute and lacey. I'd be really scared to drop anything on them

  4. these dresses are so cute!

  5. Love your blog, I dig your style<3


  6. Eek! I'm meant to be saving but after seeing this post I know that my wallet is going to be affected haha x

  7. Cute :D I'm loving the pastel and lace :)

  8. these are just so, so beautiful! i love this kind of frilly girly clothes (but i like adding something spooky like eyeball brooch :PP). i didn't know Etsuna Otsuka earlier, gotta check it out!

    [my cute weirdoland -]

  9. Every outfit is so perfect and elegant.

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