Thursday, 11 July 2013

Your new S/S13 style icons according to me.

Happy days! We finally have good weather in the UK so I churned out this post in fitting with this rare occasion.
My style inspiration posts have been some of my most popular evur, but since I hadn't made one this year, here we go! Your brand brand new s/s13 style icons... according to me! HAH.

Congratulations Ms Brooke on winning at Tumblr, the rest of you can all leave in an orderly line.
What's so amazing about Brooke Candy? Other than the visual fabulousity that you are currently experiencing, Brooke Candy is amazing rapper and is totally pro-lady, which is quite lovely in today's trend of slagging off girls left and right. Brooke is all about loving your sisters, sexual freedom and her lyrics are refreshingly tongue in cheek!

Why Brooke Candy is your new S/S13 style icon
  • Tis the season to show booty [fa la lalala etc you know the rest] and Brooke Candy is all about the booty, but bum cheeks gets boring with just mini shorts and skirts so try and amp it up with some metal knickers or simply just a thong for casually going down the highstreet
  •  The chav look has been dead just long enough to bring it back ironically or just wear it with pride anyway because from an aesthetic point of view, the chav look was kind of awesome
  • You know you miss those braids you used to get on holiday when you were like 5 well here's your excuse to get them done again!

Amo is a model/ singer/ designer/ style icon/ everything and it takes a special kind of person to have a style named after them, in this case it being 'Amo Style'. Amo's look is 'kawaii' but creepy, but not in the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu sense of rainbow everything and ugly-cute (or kimo-kawa), but in a slightly nostalgic, melacholy sense. I love the juxtapositin of contrasting moods and its slightly more adult than Kyary's look, which I personally feel more comfortable wearing.

Why AMO is your new S/S13 style icon

  • It's summer: it's hot. It's only natural you want to be a mermaid; she's already half way there
  • There needs to be a new place on your face for blusher. Cheeks are so passe. Rosey glow is so 'meh'. It's all about having blush under your eyes, like sunburn. It's cute! (No really look at her.)
  • You can rewear your pastels. Remember that tiny trend we had last year for pastel colours that popped up out of nowhere and then vanished after two weeks? In your excitement of a refreshing change of colour pallet amongst browns, that gross mustard colour and worst of all burgandy you bought everything in Topshop and have yet to wear it all again. Well now is your chance! Don't worry about looking like a cupcake, just go all out.

Did I hear an 'Is that Lady Gaga?' No? GOOD. So this is Natalia Kills who I feel like is going to be the next big thing in music. As well of churning out some amazing pop tracks, she's definitely one of the more original dressers we have in the world of Western celebrity. So much black and gold mmmm.

Why Natalia Kills is your new S/S13 style icon
  • Everything she wears is black, like your wardrobe Black doesn't have to be for autumnal months. Express your distain for British weather and societies expectations of your S/S12 wardrobe by donning an all black ensemble right in the middle of summer "Is it Halloween, love" that builder down your road chimes. " YES, yes it is. In my soul" you reply
  • Those sunglasses though. Have you ever seen a person look so majestic in a pair of Jeremy Scott glasses before? No you have not. Exactly. If you want to wear his glasses successfully, you'll need to 'pull a Natalia'.
  • The new eyebrows. Cara Delevigne's full brow trend gave us eyebrowier girls a chance to give our poor eyestaches a little break from over-plucking but Natalia's straight brows are a nice alternative. I hear straight brows are quite popular with that Ulzzang lot too.

If any of y'all aren't familiar with this gal, or this rather ghostly look, this is artist and designer, Minori and her look is called Shiro-nuri (shiro meaning white, hence the white face), which is one of the newer style tribes in Tokyo ((as a subculture nut, I am INCREDIBLY excited for this new tribe.)) Traditionally Shiro-nuri makeup was used by people such as Geishas and Kabuki artists. Minori's nature inspired look isn't typical of the shiro-nuri tribe as members of the community can wear anything from gothic to lolita to grotesque, it's a really variable look!

Why Minori is your new S/S13 style icon
  • White face = flattering photos by default. If you are a Japanese blogger, a 14 year old girl on the internet or are me, the 'brightness' option on photo editor is your best friend. Who cares if your nose is missing, look how fabulously flawless your skin is, right? Painting your face white completely cuts out the middle man, so you are photo ready 100% of the time!
  • You can wear pajamas in public and not get thrown out of Tescos. Let me elaborate a little more. By pajamas I actually mean glamorous vintage night dresses, bed jackets and peignoirs which can pass as fancy little dresses. Layer them up, and you're ready to go! And you'll feel like a fairy, which is like totally always in fashion right?
  • Loving what you love despite society's social norms is always fabulous. Have a watch of her recent interview with Tokyo Fashion, she lives and breathes her style and wears it everywhere. She doesn't care about how others see her, she does what she loves
Also this video is crazy beautiful

and lastly!

When I say Vintage, I mean the era between the 80s and late 90s where anime girls had normal voices and had more value than purely fanservice.

The 'magical girl' is a common tv trope in anime, that being a regular girl that transforms into a super hero with magical, adorable powers with the help of a magical object, being a tiara, a wand, a compact mirror. They're pretty, powerful and I think every girl wishes we was part magical girl.

Why Magical Girls are your new S/S13 style icons

  • They are super quick at getting ready. This point isn't style inspiration, it's life inspiration. If if they can have a full face of makeup, perfect hair and are dressed in 30 seconds then why can't you? Go time yourself to see how fast you can get ready.
  • They know how to keep their coloured hair vibrant and healthy. As a bleached girl, my hair when not taken proper care of feels and often looks like a dead badger. These girls have none of that. What's their secret? Who knows, they're magical they probably don't know how it works either, but DIY hair masks for bleached hair work just as well!
  • They're practical and stylish. While kicking ass or going about important life things, it's important to be dressed appropriately. You can't be tripping over your heels or laces and you need to be comfortable but those traits aren't always that cute, but these girls are doing it right.
There we have it folks, your five brand new style inspirations for the lovely seasons of Spring and Summer. I hope you feel inspired~

Who or what are your inspirations this season?

P.S I got new hair!


  1. I met Minori last week in Paris, she is stunning ! i was so impressed

    1. So jealous! Your expo adventure looked like it was so much fun :D I wish the Japan events we had in England were as good~

  2. love this post! personally love AMOs and Natalia Kills style.
    awesome blog as well, perhaps we could follow each other on GFC?
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  3. This was a really good and interesting read, gave me abit of an insight on styles I usually overlook ^__^

  4. Love all these style icons, espesh Minori and Brooke Candy - cannot get pussy make the rules out of my head x

  5. ""Is it Halloween, love" that builder down your road chimes. " YES, yes it is. In my soul" you reply"

    Lol this is the best!

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    1. Thank you sweet 8D I just followed your blog too, you're SUPER adorable! x

  8. i just can't like brooke (i'm not so badass, i guess), but i love amoyamo and of course all the magical girls (who doesn't want to be a magical girl, who?!).
    cool blog~!

    [my weirdoland -]

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  11. Natalia Kills' style is amazing!

  12. omg i'm OBSESSED with this post! your writing style is so unique, so refreshing to read on a blog! Love how Natalia wears all black with amazing vintage gold accents ♥

    Sinéad xo | fabuleuse, toujours ♥ 

  13. Awesome Post! I wish even half of the styles would be wearable without having to fear people touching or yelling at one. :D
    I love your new hair ;)

    * Wonderland gone mad *

    1. Thank you :D I know the feeling