Thursday, 30 May 2013

Songs of the month; MAY 2013

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Can you believe that it's nearly the end of May? April was like the slowest month of my life but with May; I think I was aware it was May for about 2 days and now suddenly it's gone!

I love discovering or being recommended new music so I thought I'd share some of my favorite tunes for the month!

My music taste hasn't really changed much over the past few years, it's always been quite diverse but yah, here's my faves~

I haven't really been keeping up with kpop as much as I used to ((I still shamelessly creepy on the pretty new boys tho -ugly laughter-)). There are so many new groups debuting like every week that it fries my brain, but I just happened listen to Tarzan by the Wonderboyz and was entranced by how bloody catchy it is! Feels like summer~ IF WE HAD SUMMER IN ENGLAND UUGGH. The video's a bit creepy tho.

The video has yet to come out for this song but I'm awaiting eagerly! I think Studio Killers are gonna be huge, especially thanks to their main gal, Cherry. I've always loved the whole concept of animated  popstars, like the Gorillaz or Shanks and Bigfoot (remember them?) Their visuals are amazing, you have to check out their video for Ode to the Bouncer and Eros and Apollo and like fall in love with Cherry. Their lyrics address some pretty controversial issues but its still very lighthearted!

Appaz this song takes samples of a character called Yuna from the game Final Fantasy's theme music and another Final Fantasy theme song called Zanarkand? I didn't know that before I heard it. I am a MASSIVE Owsey fan. His music is so soothing and ambient and it makes me want to dream and be happy and aaaah. So nice, have a listen!

Not many people know much about UK Hip-hop music, but we have some really incredible musicians. Last Night in Paris are an arts and music collective containing a load of incredible young artists, fashion designers, music producers, photographers, film makers etc and they just produce the most amazing.. well everything. If you like The Weeknd or Miguel or love ambient, trip-hop or lo-fi, you will definitely love these guys, check out their Youtube channel too for their other songs~

In my eyes, G-dragon can do no wrong. Except maybe for the giant feet part in this vid EW, and the fact I have no clue what is happening this video. Yup I'm definitely deluded. This is such like a danceable song and it makes me want to dance (and then sit back down cos I cracked my hip from overexcitement) This is my walking song. I walk down the street thinking 'MURDER' with this playing full blast. I feel like such a bad-man.

UGH I'm obsessed with this song. Mainly because of the video. It's so poppy and 80s and just CUTE and I want a cute twin. I think it's quite an interesting sound coming from Japan. I think AmiAya are something a little different, it doesn't sound like regular Jpop. But I love it. And I want to be Ami and Aya. And sit on that rainbow tank. Ah ah visual overload~~

This song played high quality with ear phones is the most ethereal magical song ever. The video sounds exactly how the video depicts. I really wish Piana was still active with music as I only just discovered how amazing she is ;_;

I always forget about this song until it pops up on my phone playlist and I'm like HOOOLLY CRAP THIS IS AMAZING. Glen Check is actually a Korean band (omg a Korean BAND, whutt?). Leather's sound kind of reminds me of that whole electro/indie thing that was quite popular a couple of years ago, which I never particularly liked, but I LOVE THIS. I think it would totally go down well at a nightclub anywhere.

Sneaky entry! I've know about With Joyful Lips for ages but because I've been watching a lot of Bollywood movies recently, this was worth a share in my May faves! Anmol Ghadi is a mash up of sample sounds from an old Bollywood movie of the same name, and it just sounds so magical and glitchy

OK last one!

Only recently have I begun to appreciate some of the amazing songs that have been produced by the music software phenomenon Vocaloid. The software can allow people to create spoken lyrics from written words, and some of the results are really... meh. This vocals isn't the original Vocaloid version of 'Tawagoto Speaker' but it's a cover and a damn good one at that, I think it sounds better sung with a natural human voice, especially since the music itself is really well produced.

So there we have it guys, my favourite songs for May! What did you think?

Tell me what your favourite songs are this month!

I suddenly remembered that I used to post hideous pictures of myself like 2 years ago and I definitely think I need to get back into the swing of that. So here we go!


  1. I don't think I knew AmiAya did music too
    But it does follow the "model pattern of success" in Japan haha

    and that picture


  2. ohhhhh studio killers and asian pop, so cool! <3

    [my weirdoland -]

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