Sunday, 26 May 2013

Creepy cute ahooooy!

 OH SNAAAAP I have finished university for the year!! As I have no more learning to do for the rest of the academic year, my body has also decided to go on a little vacay as usual.
It's funny how suddenly when you have a lot of time off you suddenly get ill.

I'm not too sure how it's happened but my wardrobe has expanded quite rapidly in the last few months so I'm going to be showing you quite a lot of new things that I have gotten in the last new weeks.

Recently I managed to buy one of my dream skirts, which is this UNIF Garter skirt that I had been eying up over the last year but I've never been able to find it online as it kept selling out. Thank the Cosmic Owl that Shimbi pointed it out to me so I could buy it and OH MY STARS IT IS A BEAUT.
All my clones are gonna get you
You can't actually attach anything to the garter straps, which is a shame.
 I wanted to go for an OTT girly but creepy look. I don't normally feel comfortable wearing really girly clothes but tying in some black made me happier for some reason.

Took some pictures of my face because I actually could be bothered to do my makeup that day.
Have I introduced you to my cat?
 I'm having a massive wardrobe purge at the moment as there is a lot of stuff that I don't wear anymore, so I'll be putting up a sales post on here in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I will spin here


  1. Your cat never fails to amuse me, haha- so unimpressed with life! And your hair is beautiful guurrrrlll!

    1. Haha she's so pretty in person, i just can't believe how unphotogenic she can be! Thanks bebe :))

  2. I deffo like that skirt. And your cat, even your cat might not like me. Isn't that spinning thing a turkish dance ;D

    1. Thank you :D haha I don't think my cat likes anyone to be fair.

      A turkish dance? Well seeing as I'm half turkish, I guess the dance I'm doing it half turkish too? hah!

  3. Love the Unif skirt!!