Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Some new things~

Hi all! Just wanted to show you some stuff that I have bought over the last couple of months. Hopefully this post will be a reboot into me starting to blog regularly again, seeing as I'm almost free from university for the year.

Asos £7 on sale!
Excuse the wrinkles, I haven't worked out how to appropriately iron neoprene. This was a bit of a spontaneous buy but who can argue with £7! This thing looks so good on but when you sit down the zips open to half way down my hips. Constant adjusting!

Cassette Playa
Me and my babe Randa were helping out Carri of Cassette Playa with her pop up sample sale a few days ago so I got to pick out a few tshirts for helping out~

The back~

This babe is called Flame Face if I remember, look at his little stroppy face. Aw <3 br="">

I got given this at my internship at HardwareLDN. 

Lazy Oaf £18 on sale. I think
This ones a bit of a shocker, I like to wear it with my green Asos skirt just to doubly offend peoples' eyes. It's a little big but I'm not arguing with Lazy Oaf's sale prices.

Topshop: £32 I think?
My mother and I went into Central London to go to an exhibition and came back with shopping as you do. I fell in love with this cute cutout top. I think it's one of those pieces that will never go out of style because they aren't overly trendy to begin with so this is going to be in my wardrobe for a good few years. All I need now is a cat related skirt and I can put together an entire outfit based around cat items!
They're gonna get you
I left a couple of things because they're either scattered around the house or are in the wash. I'm really happy to actually have some things to wear for Spring because most of my clothes are winter related.

I'm also trying to ween myself off buying black stuff again. A few years ago I banned myself from buying anything black for an entire year and stuck to it but since I stopped the ban, everything in my wardrobe is suddenly black again! Not good!

Before I go, here's me and Randa working really hard at the Cassette Playa popup.

Here's our version of the Japanese makankosappo photo trend but sparkly. Obviously.


  1. Love all your new things! :D


  2. WOW!
    I like your clothes! Just great!

  3. That skirt is amazing! And such a bargain, too!

  4. That skirt is super cute!!

    Jillian -

  5. love the tees

    Please follow and visit me :D

    Danica Stark

  6. Love the asos skirt and the price of it too <3




  7. Love the green skirt! Too bad about the zippers though, that must be annoying =/ The kittie Topshop shirt is so cute <3

  8. love the skirt and all the tops! great haul! xx

  9. I want the body suit!!!
    You've gained a new follower! Great post.

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