Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My latest nail salon adventure~

Hello all!!

Just a short and sweet post about mine and Marie's adventure to get our nails done a couple of months ago.

We'd both been going on about how much we wanted our nails done pretty so we did some research and found a salon that was pretty local to us that did the sorts of nails that we wanted.

We found this place in Croydon called White Sands ~

I really wish I took a picture of the salon because it was so pretty! As it was a beauty salon rather than just a nail salon all the decor was really relaxing and it has a white/blue theme.

There were some of the example designs that they has at the salon that included nails with 3D bits, and illustrations

Marie was the first to go up. We both wanted Gyaru inspired nails so we got ours all blinged out.

I was really impressed with how clean the salon was.

The few experiences that I have had at the cheapy nail salons is that the condition which the tools are kept is is pretty meh and they didn't clean the tools well and they'd reused files which you shouldn't do. Also they'd use an electronic file to file your nails with which shouldn't be done as the electronic filers are only supposed to be used on acrylic, not natural nails. 

But White Sands was super clean. All the tools the technician needed were sterile and were sitting in pots of disinfectant on the table while she was using them. She was gentle with filing so my nails weren't buffed down too thinly when she was priming my natural nails for the acrylics.

The theme I wanted for my nails was 'girly as fuck' and 'something that will match my clothes' so I opted for these gradient acrylics with embedded heart glitter and some diamante and heart cabochon detail. In total I think my nails took about 1.5 hours

Marie's were a lot more elegant than mine and she got acrylics with pink, black and silver and black and silver diamante designs as well as a crown cabochon on the thumb.

I bloody loved my nails. They got quite a lot of attention especially as work with customers wondering how I could do anything with them.

I could do pretty much everything with them except typing and pressing things which happen to be the two functions that are vital for my jobs so I loved my nails, I found them incredibly frustrating to wear. The nails lasted me for about 2 1/2 weeks before I eventually removed them out of frustration. I was really upset to see them go but they were just too impractical for me to wear!

I have no idea how girls like gyaru Harutamu can do anything with nails as long as she has when with I felt like I was inflicting a disability on myself with having such long nails.

How does she wipe her ass? 
 I will definitely be going back to White Sands in the future but I will make sure to get shorter nails~

White Sands Nails & Beauty

60-62, London Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 2TB

  • Tel:  0203 005 183



  1. I was sooooo in awe when you guys posted the pics on fb~ i really wanted to get my nails done in ldn but i didnt think anywhere would do gyaru nails, so i will try this place when i get back huhu
    idk how people can do anything with those hench ass claws e___e such a shame you took your nails off, but i totally understand your feeling u__u;
    they look so lovely tho srsss <3

  2. ohmygad *___* really beautiful nails! I would like to be in a salon like this! It's like a dream

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  4. Very lovely ^^

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  5. woow, love the nails though! they are gorgeous and gyaru enough if you ask mee ;)) xxx


  6. Those nails are so cool!!

  7. wow!! so gorgeous!!
    I updated a post today about my new nail design!

  8. Awesome nails! =D
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  9. Beautiful nails! I've never gotten my nails done before, but maybe I'll try it soon :3 Lovely post <3
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    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

  10. oh wow all those nails are so cool! very fun :D


  11. Wow, your nails are already pretty long! I've no idea how these gyaru girls do it. Maybe they just don't wipe their ass at all??? (ew, lol :D)

  12. Wonderful nail designs, so creative and fun! <£ (I'm your newest follower lovely)

    I have a new outfit post up, would love to know your thoughts;



  13. Wow! these look fantastic!


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  16. Fun nails! Sounds like an adventure. lol. (:

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