Thursday, 17 February 2011

Gyaru meet-up and Sascha's visit to London!

Last Saturday was a big gal meet in London!
It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for so many reasons! 1) I was with Amz 2) I was meeting up with all my gal friends 3) I was going to be meeting new people and 4) Sascha was coming to meet us!!

The meeting was scheduled for quite early at the morning (10:15 T^T).  Me and Amz were in a rush to get out of the house on time because we didn't time our morning properly. We were in such a flap when we got to our meeting place but everything worked out fine XD

Ruth was the first to arrive. We hadn't previously met her before but she is soooo lovely ♥ and then Sascha arrived decked -out in awesomeness! It was too cold to wait outside for the others so we went to Starbucks to get some coffee and go to the Trocadero while we waited for the rest.

Ruth told us to act natural so we spazzed out and was like OK ERMM HOW DO WE DO THAT
Welcome to the Corner. I can guarantee that any groups of Gals in London will sit here, it's like tradition haha. We soon got bored and went to play in the arcade.

Failing on the Parapara machine. I know most the routines anyway but srsly , it's really hard when you have to follow arrows x_x

Marie and boyfriend Chris were next to arrive, they caught us mid-DDR. I tried forcing Marie to go on DDR but she lay on the floor and insisted that her limbs didn't work LOOOL.
Me and Sascha has a mini DDR battle, we both kind of failed XD I blame the buttons not working properly.

Then Jada turned up =D We've known Jada for a while from FB but this is the first time we've met up with her. Her hair is amazing ♥ Then we decided to all go and do Purikura while our hair and makeup were still intact.

 From top left to right then down to the right: Chris, Marie, Jada, Amz, Ruth and me!
 Marie's facial express is what we fondly call ' the cave-mouth woman' face. Long story, yes she is sititng on my head

 OOH lookit, it's Sascha!

Dec's face ♥ He was rocking a white kanekalon weave, it was awesome.

On getting to China town, we bumped into Dec and Caryn who I haven't seen in forever ;_; We only saw them briefly and took purikura.

Then off to get food at Mr Taro because we were all starving and for some reason I can't stop damn eating recently. GOD THIS STUFF WAS SO TASTY I forget what it was called but I could have done with eating another bowl full. Farrah, who I last saw on New Years turned up too!

On the way to Camden we bumped into Eilish who I haven't seen in FOREVER as well as Kei who popped up soon after and we went off to Camden, brielfy saw Ellie and Chriss and went to Cyber Dog to jam like the cool people we were. (It played a really cool song but I don't know the name of it and it's annoying me D:). in the spur of the moment we decided to go to Harrods and check out the pets section. They were so cute, I wanted to steal them all. Poor Sascha was getting dragged around by us XD

After that, we all went back to Covent Garden and sat in yet another Starbucks. Rei then turned up, who I haven't seen in forever!

Farrah with her coffee and Rei sitting on Amz and me.

Then a few people had to go D,: so the remaining of us went back to the corner to chill.

Marie is forever making retarded faces xD

We just sat there for like an hour quizzing Sascha on how to say things in German. Tiredness set in and we kind of flipped out and started trying to dance, lay o the floor and asked Sascha how to say things in German. Sascha must think we're insane :D. Rei took a video but.. I don't think I will post it becuase I am shameful and didn't think rei would upload a video f me rolling on the floor screaming I AM LEE JOON ...! If any of you are friends with any of us on FB, it'll probably be there.

We also made a new friend XD A girl approached us because she saw us doing random para routines an flidding about and asked us if we did Parapara. I was over enthusiastic and immediately said YES I DO -talk at 123098 MPH-  she said it was really cool to see people around the Trocadero who aren't cosplayers so we talked to her for a while and that was cool~. I think it's awesome that she had the confidence to come up to a bunch of people she'd didn't know and strike up a conversation!

Our Corner is located right where B-Boys and girls like to dance so that's why there are people ni the background.

Soon after it was time for everyone to go. Rei got stopped by 2 Irish guys who asked why there is no Circus in Oxford Circus, she then said to them "before i say anything, can you please say 333,333". The complied xD  Then they kissed her no the cheek and ran off.

We then said our goodbyes to everyone and Amz, Rei and I headed off towards our station. The conversation we had on that walk from Leicester Square to Charring Cross was one of the funniest I've had in ages.

And then Amz came back to my house and we just sat and drank tea and watched youtube videos.

It was such an awesome day! I can even express it. It was so nice to see old friends again, see my current ones and meet some new ones! I'm so happy we got to finally meet Sascha, he is so lovely and put up with our craziness and taught me new German words :3 I hope everyone had as much fun as me and Amz did. We will definitely meet up with everyone again ♥

Also, we finally managed to get hold of Chris and style his hair after much discussion of making him into a gyaruo (wish we took pictures, it looked amazing) and he totez wants to be gyaruo now! We severely  lack Gyaruo in England (there's 1 here) so we all got excited when he said he wanted to try the style! He started up a blog to talk about his progress into it. Stalk his here and send him lots of love and encouragement on his journey to gyaruo-dom!

Ok I've seriously been writing this forever. Another entry to come up in the next few days about my new hair and contact lenses. RIGHT. FOOD. WHERE IS IT. 


  1. I would have posed .. but I didn't think I was in that picture *RUINS IT*

  2. I love yah wife♥
    Foreverlol. xD

  3. so cute!!!
    lovely pics

    kisses frm Chile!;*

  4. wopw nice photos! i love going to the arcades but we only have ddr machines no parapara machines T_T

  5. Just have to say your hair is AMAZING, such a beauty!

  6. Thank you XD
    Wow I have to say, you commenting really confused me, I use skycandy as a user name for absolutely everything...

  7. Just have to say your hair is AMAZING, such a beauty!

  8. wopw nice photos! i love going to the arcades but we only have ddr machines no parapara machines T_T