Wednesday, 4 June 2014

I'M ALIVE! and a much required life-update

I actually have some time to breathe for once! I have finally finished university! After 3 years! I am so happy! I'm starting to feel like my true self again!

Guess who's back with the terrible webcam photos!
I haven't written anything about my life since August, well the start of my final year at uni because life has been pretty manic. Everything happened at once. Final year of university was mental by default and on top of that I had my 6 hour per day commute, and then I also got an actual paying job and then Style Honey had our prelaunch site so there's not much time that I have to dedicate to me. While I'm on the internet a lot its for job purposes.

I'll give you some life updates.
I'm working part time at River Island now. I got a temp job at Christmas and they decided to keep me on. It feels amazing to be financially independent again~ I can actually do things now and buy clothes I like! So the last few months have been filled with lots of shopping and free work uniform huehuhue.
Some of my uniform/stuff I've bought in the last 6 months.
Money means that I can finally buy brands that I really want and now that I have more than £20 in my bank at any one time, I bought some MA*RS and My Melody stuff~ 

Well Ma*rs and fake My Melody and taobao accessories shh shh
I feel like I'm too much of a grumpy shit to wear it some of the time as my default face is that of someone who wants to murder everyone, but looking at princess-style clothes just makes me unbelievably happy. SO MUCH PINK. 

The stress of the last 6 months has caused me to fall back into my obsession with manga and anime. 

My partner is fashion/fujoshi-ism Siqi had been going on about this BL visual novel called Dramatical Murder (DMMD) and I finally got round to playing it in December.
It looks really pretty and it is but some of the plot-lines are really ...brutal. I wasn't prepared for some of the themes in it ;_;. Massive trigger warning before you get any ideas about playing it. 

I feel really guilty about enjoying it so much, the poor protagonist Aoba goes through a lot. Poor bb.

Adding to my weebishness, I've gotten back into reading manga as well. My favourite genres at the moment are psychological, BL and horror~ Here's some of my faves that I've read over the last 6 months. I really recommend all of them for beautiful art and fun plotlines~
From top left to bottom right, Endless World (Jaryuu Dokuro), Oyasumi Punpun (Inio Asano), Adekan (Nao Tsukiji), Hoozuki no Reitetsu ( Natsumi Eguchi), Honto Yajuu (Kotetsuko Yamamoto) and Saint Oniisan (Hikaru Nakamura)

What else.

I had long hair for like a month. I missed having long hair and naturally being the poor lil shit I was at the time I bought some rank micro loop extensions from ebay. Ebay extensions feel good for like 2 washes, then they feel like what you'd imagine Satan's pubes to be like.

Me n my heart monitor. My heart's all good now I was just stressed out.
Wirey and horse-like. They were straggly as fuck too. I have really thick hair so I need to put in a lot of extensions for them just to look natural but I literally could not fit on any my loops on my scalp. So yeah. Bad times.

I have absolutely no clue where I'm going with this post. I just wanted to post saying 'I'm not dead, I'm still here and I still like the dumb shit I did before so I ain't going nowhere'.  Wasn't much of a life update it was just me talking about gay animu.

And and and if you haven't already yall need to stalk my bby that I helped co-found and write for because we launched the pre-launch version a few months ago and we're working really hard to make it magical and providing the best fashion bits from across the web! We're still in test phases and whatnot so please bear with us~ and stalk us here>>>>Twitter and here >>>Facebook.

And if you guys have any fab fashion blogs, YT accounts, fashion brands, tumblrs, get in touch because I'm always on the hunt for new sites and things to feature~

 Hopefully I'll will get around to posting more frequently because I no longer have university HUZZAH! So you guys should hear more about my adventures~
I'll post again soon. Toooooodllddddldllessss z z z x x x x


  1. great to have you back! I'm so jealous of your uniforms tbh XD congrats on finishing your uni girl :D

  2. congratulations on graduating! cant believe i still have 3 more years arghhhhh D:
    its funny seeing everyone start updating again now that the school years done~ i missed your weird webcam pics!! really hope stylehoney goes well! glad your heart isnt broken either ;__;
    KEEP POSTING ALL DA TIME PLZ /totally ignores that you have a life and are busy ;D

    1. Ta bby~ Haven't actually graduated yet but my brain's telling me I have. tbh i cba to even go to graduation LOOOL

  3. Your posts are always the best!
    I hope you did a big Braveheart "FREEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!" when you finished Uni haha
    I've been meaning to check out this Dramatical Murder thing too :O


    1. Thank you ;____;
      I didn't, i did more of a 'lets leave this fucking campus before i kill myself and everyone around me'
      Dramatical Murder will ruin your life but you will fall in love with all the characters~

  4. Your blog is so cool *___* and I love your new gets!! So cute <33

  5. just blogwalking.. Nice post and have a nice day :)