Thursday, 6 March 2014

Reason why Fashionable People are Sad

I have a question for you; Have you ever seen a fashionable person smile?
The answer is no.

But why is this? What is making these magnificent creatures troubled?
There are many reasons why fashionable people don't smile, I'll break some down for you.

Picture this:

You're walking past doing shit and you see a boy decked top to toe in black. He's wearing about 5 layers of what looks like bed linen pinned to his lank figure and he's wearing an expression that looks like he's contemplating murder. Why is he so miserable? What could have possibly happened to him that made him look so sour?

1. He's poor as shit

This guy couldn't even smile if he tried, he just spent £400 of a pair of Raf Simmons shoes, he's not going to be able to eat or pay rent for a good few months. I know I'd be sad if that happened to me.
Your priorities are in the wrong place my dear
2.You're hurting his eyes
Having to look at clothes that aren't from brands that demand 3 figures for t-shirts is exhausting, irritating and painful on the eyes. If only he could be surrounded by 50 other people wearing an outfit that costs as much as a deposit on a flat maybe a smile would crack across his jaded face.

It's a lonely fashion life. 

3. He's not the only sad one

If you happened to come across somebody in the street with a massive smile across their face, you'd probably wonder who they just murdered. These fashion people have chronic bitch-face syndrome just like you, but because of their flashing dressing, you're more likely to pay attention to them and notice their stroppy faces. He's happy on the inside. 

4. He's bored

There are 4 staff bundled together talking about yesterdays party and you feel like walking into their shop is intruding on their conversation.

How dare you interrupt you pleb!!

It's a hard life working in "Dat Boutique Wot Noone Has Herd Ov" (you know the place right? no of course you don't). His 5 day weeks with long hours on his feet and few customers make days slow and dull and his only solace are his co-workers. Yes they look like scary pack animals whose clothes cost more than 6 months worth of rent but the truth is they're just bloody bored of standing there. 

5. Not everyone appreciates his sense of style.

Some people just can't keep their opinions to themselves. Our poor little noodle-haired hero has a hard time from some of the shitty guys in his neighbourhood. 

It's hard being fabulous so give him a break. He can take solace in the fact that in 3 years time, those dumb shits will be wearing the exact same clothes as he is now and he can laugh at how sheep-minded and out of date they are. 

So there we have it, the mystery that is the scary fashion boy hopefully debunked for you.

I swear I only blogged like last week but I turn around and it's actually been like 6 months, I can't believe it!
I'm in a busy period of my life at the moment, it's my final year at university, I now have a job and the website I'm working for Stylehoney is about to be released so I don't have much time to sit down and blog for long periods of time so forgive me I am STILL ALIVE!

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What are your experiences with "Fashion people"?


  1. Hahah :D ! I believe they are sad if they are fashionable just to show off, but if they genuinely love being fashionable then they shouldn't be sad ;D!

  2. I think I just died!
    But in all seriousness, I would gladly live off Jacobs crackers if it meant having some Gareth Pugh in ma life

  3. omg it's hilarious <3
    I think that if one really loves fashion and dress up for himself, not to impress the others they do smile actually :P or maybe like that, people with their own style do it much more often than those "I just took this off some mannequin, so I look better than u". those usually wear bitch faces :D

  4. Missed your posts! Very funny!

  5. Funny but true. It is money well spent if it spent on being well-dressed. ;)

  6. Ha! So glad I found your blog. Hilarious post. :) Following now!

    The Girly Gamer

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