Monday, 26 August 2013

Pictures and shit from summer

Hi guyssss!

I say this all the time but I wish I would take more photographs when I'm out and about with friends. I never remember to take out my camera when the moment calls for it because I'm too busy enjoying the moment but when I look back on it I wish I took pictures!

I barely have any pictures as usual so here's just some random pictures of things I've been doing with words.

A few months ago me and my friends were invited to Alex Mattsson's S/S14 collaboration with Brooke Candy who I talked about in my last post.

Stole this from Joel. My friends are so precious <3 br="">
The flash on my camera broke while I was there so I didn't get any decent pictures of Alex's collection or Brooke's performance.

I have been looking boring recently. I know a lot of the people who follow me are Gals but I don't think I can call myself gal anymore because I look boring as hellllll. I'll get better!!

You'd be worried if my bedroom was tidy right?

I'm currently having a massive wardrobe overhaul because I released how bored I am of everything, so I'll be putting a sales page on here in the next few weeks. I want a lovely shiny new wardrobe so i can become a happy sparkly gal once more.

My friend Joel managed to get me and my friends invited to Katy Eary's s/s14 fashion show and after event a little while ago, which was AMAZING! A bonus was that we got to stand behind Mademoiselle Yulia who is even more gorgeous in person <3 p="">
This is what I wore on the day.
I'm obsessed with this UNIF skirt the boning in the front it looks like you have a massive wang if you're sitting down
I have bought a few bought a few new things recently, including these amazing ebay sunglasses that had a glorious but short life
RIP glasses
I got dis bomber jacket for £1 recently
£1 bomber jacket WOOP WOOOOO
Recently I went to a Gal meeting which me and my bebe Marie hosted. I really want to get back into the gal scene because the times when I were hanging out with lots of gals were some of most treasured memories. There are so many new faces in the UK gal scene; a lot more than there used to be. Every was so so friendly and I've made some really amazing new friends so we hope to have lots more meets in the future. I just need to up my game with my style.

On to me being emo.
  I've been having some issues with my heart recently and I'm not too sure what brought it on. Over the last few months my heart has been beating abnormally fast when I'm active. I've been to the doctors and had tests and I've been told that yes it is fast but it's nothing to worry about. Sometimes it beats so quickly when I walk I'm surprised I'm still standing! I feel nothing though. It doesn't hurt. Well it doesn't occasionally on and off but I don't know if its my heart or my chest or my muscles aching because I sit like an idiot.
I don't know if its all in my head or anxiety but whatever it is, I want to get to the bottom of it before I start university again. It's funny how you get sick as soon as you have nothing to do. CRY. I'll be fine. I'll be FIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!

PS- is there anything in particular you'd like to see me post about?

I'm out have a song.


  1. omg firstly i hope your heart is ok D: even if the dr said youre ok?! idk i feel i should say get well soon! whatever it is anyway i hope it all sorts out quickly ;________________;
    i really love your hair style btw it suits you so much! that bomber jacket is insane
    i always regret never taking any photos too fml, i dont even own a digital camera wtf :/ im super excited to get to london and get back into gal too
    hopefully we can hang out sooooooon <3

    1. Thank you <3
      Ahmahgad I srsly can't wait to meet you I heard lovely things about you from Randa and Dodo <3 We'll make sure we take lots of pictures when we do!!

    2. im gonna go down to london around 14-15th sept which seems so crazy soon! i wanna get there asap but im super nervous and scared and hfujfsij ;____;
      aww theyre such cuties <3
      yes cant wait to hang out :D

    3. Don't be scared! London's super fun and we'll take excellent care of you!

  2. Yoooi! Meeting up with other people in j-fashion makes me happy (even if I'm actually a public embarassment) I can't beleive how sick I was at that meet though oh my god I ran home and rolled on the floor and wailed like a whale W H Y.


    I'm trying to majorly downsize my wardrobe too, but when I don't want stuff anymore, i can't ever see why anyone else might want it either so I think I throw away too much stuff...

  3. OMG I hope you are okay !!!
    I loved your hairstyle , you look sooooo pretty !! You are like a doll T _ T
    And that jacket ! how can be that cheap ?? Amazing haha !
    Loving all your outfits as always !!!!!!!!! <3