Wednesday, 24 October 2012

New buys for winter

Sup world! You know that annoying time of year when it becomes autumn and you look at your wardrobe and think 'Crap I have nothing to wear for winter' so you go on a shopping spree and you come back with a load of new clothes but none of them are suitable from preventing you from freezing to death in the arctic conditions that is winter in the UK. Yeah that sort of happened. Twice.

I went back home a couple of weeks ago and my mum took me shopping and I got these three babes from Primark.
Note the extreme amount of fluff on the top of the left. Fleece pajamas+washing machine=fluff covered everything
This top combines my love of studs and polka dots. And sheer fabric.
I loved the collar on this. Totez trend relevant with the whole baroque and brocade thing going around at the moment~
 I went shopping in Northampton for the first time in about a year and thought I would make use of an Anne Summers gift card I had. They had a massive sale on so I came back with an eyelash baby doll and gold studded stockings for under £10~
I also bought a grey and a black stretchy skirts from H&M. £4.99 each BARGAIN.
 Eyelashes are an under-used motif in the fashion world. I like to think that the designers at Anne Summers were inspired by eyelash queen herself, Kyary Pamyu Paymu who has a song which is dedicated entirely to false eyelashes
Tsukema tsukeruuuu
I decided that it's too cute to keep hidden in my underwear draw so it now lives in my wardrobe.
((don't have a boyfriend to wear it for either but you know wotevz, I got Kpop men, they love me..))
In other news, I am going to see my fave band ever Big Bang at Wembley in December and I am absolutely wetting myself at the chance to see G-Dragon in person. Anyone else going? 

ermahgerd to excited to live *fangirl feelings*

Night night~


  1. Your clothes are so cute!!! Your sooo lucky you get to see Big Bang!! I love GD too! <3

  2. I just love your GIF's :3
    x, Lara

  3. Awesome buys and I love your gifs XD

  4. Ohh hii sexy top! And I got tickets too! Literally died this morning getting them... Sushi making day soon ya? Okay good :)

    1. ermahgerrrrd!! YAY! I heard it was a right pain in the ass trying to get tickets this morning, I'm so pleased you got some. omg yessssssss!! I need to bring my rolling mats from home

  5. I knooowww! I was sat there refreshing the page dying all morning, but it went surprisingly smoothly pretty much straight away so it was all goooodddd! I'm so exicted, waaaa! Okay yes yes yes! Bring them back and we'll poison everyone with our cooking

  6. AAAH I love all of you finds! So so so awesome <3

  7. Great finds! I love the top with studs and polka dots :)