Friday, 26 October 2012

=^_^= CAT TREND =^_^=

As many of us embrace our imminent destinies of becoming crazy cat women in our older years, why not start early; get some experience. Here are 5 fabulous cat-themed items of clothing that scream "F*** YOU UNIVERSE, I LOVE CATS" because hey, cats are something to shout about!
Go the whole hog, wear all of them at the same time!
1. Cat Ear Hat: Ebay £9.99 This is a replica item based off this Givenchy hat.There are a few ebay shops that sell the same hat but in other colours but this happened to be the cheapest~

2. Blue cat print stud collar shirt : River Island £35. I've seen this beaut in person, it's a beautiful dusty blue satin. The photo doesn't clearly show the studded collar but they look gorgeous in person

3. Kitty Garden Party miniskirt: Pretty Snake by JAS ($48) £30.62 Isn't this just the most precious print? The fabric has been custom designed for the collection and there are also a leggings, bows and dresses in the same adorable print~

4. Space cat digital print leggings: Supayana ($65) £41.55 Space+cats= amazing. The cat featured on the leggings belongs to the owner herself which I think is a lovely touch.

5. CMYK cat leggings: Eat Me clothing ($58) £37 These leggings need no description, I shall just leave you with this video

There we go folks, the one trend to rule them all! Seen any other cat items that would be great to add to the list?


  1. I canno live without cats. Whenever I see a cat or something cat related I instantly go AAWWWWHHHHHHH HUBBA GIMME I WANNA HUG IT xDD

    1. SAME! All my maternal feelings that should go towards children just go towards cats and cute animals.

  2. Cant forget lazer eye cat leggings!!

  3. best trend in the universe
    it's a shame I can't find any cat printed items here ( ; - ; ) I see dogs everywhere and it's driving the crazy cat lady living (not so) deep inside of me... well, crazy lol

  4. Love all of the items. That skirt is super gorgeous.

  5. this. is. perfect.
    I loooove cats and I looove this trend and I need some kitten garments. I will DIY one today. <3

  6. Amazing, amazing, amazing post! I love the skirt!

    Emma x

  7. so many cute items!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  8. Haha Emmie! I love the encouragement and I am surprised by those cat leggings O__O Amazing!

  9. I really want that cat hat...this trend is definitely growing on me a bit.