Sunday, 14 October 2012

London fashion week adventureeee

Afternoon guys!

I really seem to be lagging with blogging at the moment, sorry about that! I've gotten really caught up with student life this year so finding the time to do anything on the computer that isn't working is proving to be quite difficult. 

Coursework is pouring in and I'm trying to be a good student this year by keeping on top of everything and not leaving deadlines til the last minute. I seem to be doing quite well as the moment! There are quite a lot of things from the holidays that I have yet to blog about, this time I thought I'd share some pictures from fashion week! I wish I got to go to all of the days but I had to move into my new house. Let's starrttt.

This group of girls were wandering around looking awesome. I think they might have been designers I'm not sure

Siqi in her Stingers
The Randa, Chiara, Dodo and Yusukeeeee

This girl was super nice! Her "eyes" were encrusted with crystals, so cool!

Dodo, Siqi and Chiara :DD
Street snaps for yall

Randa and Sempai Rei
Qurl working the Baroque trend. Very now! I loved her she was cute
Cuuuuteee! My friends knew this guy from somewhere, can't remember where. Herp
  I managed to get a blogger pass (thank you dear blog) so I was allowed into the exhibition hall with Joel

We got free posters too :D

 And then we went to karaoke. So much Kpop LOL
It was some intense karaoke.

Joel and Ananya. Yusuke being a creep in the background
Yusuke and Rei
That's all folks, I gotta crack on with some work! Toodles x


  1. It looks like such a great event :)
    and the eye veil is amazing!!

  2. so much awesomeness in this poosstttt *_*
    love the girls in the first picture<3

  3. it looks like you guys had a lot of fun!
    I wish Brussels were as fashionable as London and had its own fashion week ( ; - ; )

  4. Cool pics, girl ^^
    Love those quirky outfits.
    x, Lara

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  6. I love how fashion has evolved from you know, dressy classy things like Coco Chanel would wear, and now it is all colors and shapes and craziness.
    And Yusuke looks totally hot whilst photobombing. XD

  7. cool!absolutely love minnie ears aha<3 followed u!^^ follow back?

  8. great pics! looks like you had a great day :)

  9. So many stylish peeps. Looks like you had tons of fun!

    The Style Rawr!

  10. i like