Monday, 18 June 2012

London collections// Fashion east menswear installations

Gold Splatter- Bath Moth Super Rainbow

Yesterday, me and the crew attended some of London Collections; Mens to Casette Playa and Alex Mattsson's installations. 

London's Collection events were happening a several locations around London and the two shows they were went to see took place in a building called the Hospital Club.

Viewing the installations took a lot less time than we thought (like 5 minutes) it would so we managed to sweet-talk the door man at one of the other venues to let us see the installations without invitations. Mwahaha.
The Alex Matstson boys stood in a box room looking classy, surrounded by Red Bull

The installations were in a building in Carlton gardens which is really close to Buckingham Palace. It was really narrow but tall and there were a lot of people there.

There were several rooms and floors that the installations expanded through. None of these pictures are in chronological order in which I saw them. 
Astrid Anderson

Shaun Samson

Next was T.lipop. The models were standing in a cupboard surrounded by flowers and all was good, then this happened.

...I looked up. Shock of my life. This dude was sitting in a cupboard above the others.

Arty blur. The colours looked cool.

The installations were spread over several floors. Here was from view from the top floor. Eeek!

Duffy jewelry 

I'm sorry that I have a bad photographers eye, boys ):

Whenever you put a camera on the models, they were glare right into the lens and your soul would die. 

Dude on the right is a little bit distracted.
This is what the boys were sitting on

Meadham Kirchhoff next! This one was my favourite. 

It had a kind of squat feel. But classy. With flowers everywhere

The "squatters" i.e. the models were on a smoking break.

I think there's something really quite beautiful about disrepair.

My Little Pony cups. One of those squatters must be a Brony.
Yunuz & Eliza

I'll try and get some more pictures up of mine and my friend's outfits which when get around to uploading them.

It was so much fun. We met some lovely new people, had a chat with the boys from GR8 Tokyo, got free food goodie-bags (thanks again, blue-eyes door man) and got interviewed about the Casette Playa video for I-D magazine.
After we ate our body-weight in dim sum.

I really hope I can attend more events like this in the future with my friends :D It's really nice to experience stuff like this with a close-knit group of friends~

That's all for now~ Let me know what you think! x


  1. man this place looks so cool!!

  2. I love these photos, and the installations all look amazing.
    I love the Shaun Samson top - must have!

  3. I like the whole post especially the men's collections because its quite unique and looking very beautiful...

    1. It's really nice to see mens fashion starting to become more prominent :)

  4. Wow looks amazing!

    xo Jennifer

  5. wow pictures are intense!

    Wish I was there pretty fucking fabulous!

  6. These are really amazing. The items on the rails are making my fingers itch, I crave them so much!

  7. This looks unreal!

  8. Love the use of live models in installations...kind of leans more toward the art side of things than fashion normally does. I want to go to something like this sometime for sure.