Sunday, 15 April 2012

Shoreditch fashion adventure!

Today I present one of my more interesting posts and this time it's about yesterday's trip to Shoreditch in London! 

Shoreditch is one of the up-and-coming fashion places in London. It's known for it's niche clothing shops, vintage stores and galleries. This was probably the second time I've been in the area before and I am seriously questioning why I haven't been there more often before, it's amazing!


Our journey starts in Haggerston; East London.

Originally, the trip was planned to go to shop and gallery, Primitive in London as none of us have been before but on arriving it was actually closed which was a bit irritating but luckily we were close to Shoreditch which we hear was awesome so off we went!

Marie with her jaffa cake breakfast and her newly dyed purple hair.

My company for the day (minus 1 she wandered off to top up her Oyster card) 3 of my Halal DREAMz girls, Marie, Dodo and Randa
Dem wings
While we were waiting to get a bus, we were all trying to do a yanki squat a.k.a the asian squat for whatever reason and this builder got a pic excited and wanted to take a photo with us.

So we wonder down a road called Redchurch street because there was a Japanese fashion exhibition going on down there and we were delighted to see such tasteful graffiti and sticker art everywhere

Blue pedobear and me gusta
A wild Finlay appears. We attempted to make the me gusta face.. attempted...

I've never been to one of those tiny artsy galleries before so it was a new experience for me. 
The exhibition belonged to Pat Lyttle who wrote/photographed this book about Japanese street style. Some of these photos dated back to 2007, hence the manba gals (rip manba D,:) 

Some sweet lolita girls 
Pat had also photographed Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, I wish I got a picture of that
Some of the sweets at the side. Lots of packets of pocky and glittery lollipops. Yummm.

We attempt to be serious and look like in photos but sometimes, this sort of thing just happens
After leaving the gallery, Finlay and I managed to get trend spotted by a Japanese show called Zip!
Bless lil Fin, they made her speak Japanese
I've never heard of them before but they asked me questions about where my clothes were from and what I do. I had to walk down the street pretending that I'd just been nabbed by the presenter. The camera got so close up in my face, god I swear my makeup was smeared all over my face and my eyelashes were falling off. I appologise if my hideous appearance breaks anyone's eyes if they happen to catch my on that Zip thing.

Some more cool graffiti around the area
Stencil art

These were all over Shoreditch, I want to find out who the artist is!
I think this was one of my favourites, it was done on the front of an abandoned shop front
More meme graffiti, I LOVED these two.
Chocolate Rain!
Isn't this the coolest shop from ever?
Thank you for informing 

We spent a few minutes trying to look for a cool wall to take pictures in front of, you know, because we're bloggers and that's what they do. 
I'm pretty sure I just said here "Smile guys" and this happens.
This was one of out walls of choice, isn't it cool?

Randa being all cute.
Random cute shop front

We soon got hungry so we went to a place called Seoul Bakery near Tottenham Court Road. It's a bit of a hidden gem but as you can see here, it's really popular with k-pop fans. The walls are covered in writing and sticky notes, mainly taking about people's favourite Korean idols.
SHINee and Siwon from Super Junior have even come here and their signatures are on the wall :D

The food was super yummy and it's really cheap too. I had bulgogi. Food of the godsss.
So spicy but really yummy.
So there we have it, my Shoreditch adventure. I will definitely go back there in the near future. It has such a lovely vibe to it and there are so many amazing clothing shops there that need to be explored.

I was pleasantly surprised at how many shops there stock Japanese designers or are inspired by Japanese street style so to all my J-style loving friends, please go on a wander around Shoreditch, you won't be disappointed!!

Today I should be off to Hever Castle with my family so maybe I shall have some more pictures up in the next few days! Byeee


  1. I shall go and check out Shoreditch for sure now! Enjoyed this post Emmie!

  2. I loved this post, you went to some of my favourite places!!
    I love hanging out in Shoreditch & Brick Lane. I've never been to that gallery or the Korean restaurant before though so I shall have to check them out and see what's going on next time I'm there. I'm a big fan of street art as well. You got some great photos!

    Zip by the way is kind of like a morning tv show (like this morning), and they have little fashion segments etc. It's the show that Dakota Rose was featured on a couple of weeks ago.

    1. ooh thanks for informing me, I had no clue about what Zip was :D

  3. lol omg Randa is fabulous <3

  4. Loving how much JS got represented! Go girls!

    Meme + graffiti is too much happiness! Have you see Exit Through the Gift Shop? It's so amusing :D

    1. No I haven't! I just had a quick look, it looks awesome though!

  5. I haven't been to Shoreditch in ages, the place still looks funky as ever and the graffiti are still there. Marie's hair is really pretty and funky, I love it. Looks so fun and your Jeremy Scott trainers are kick ass!
    There's another Korean place near Tottenham court road hidden somewhere, it's called Bi Bim Bap - my friends have been there and said it's a pretty nice place to eat at.

    1. I love that restaurant! It's the one in Greek Street right? aah greek street is such a cool place 8D

  6. I love Marie's hair! And that Japanese Exhibition looked like so much fun, jealous!

  7. Oh wow havent been shoreditch in ages. Must go again sometime.
    Seoul bakery is amazinjg, altoigh i havent been since it became a restrurant...well to eat, i know the owner quite well.

  8. This looks like such a fun day ^__^!!
    I really want to go to Primitive toooo! They're doing an exhibition thing in Tokyo at the moment,
    when theyre back in England i shall visit for sure
    You and your friends look amazing!

    1. It was :D

      I think they've actually opened up a new shop in Japan which is probs why the shop here is closed at the moment. cryyyy
      And thank you 8DD We all love your style

  9. you all have the sickest hair

  10. Oh wow that district looks super cool!! :O I definitely have to go there if I visit London again!! Really like all the street art!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun hehe!!

    I love korean food too!! Bulgogi is seriously amazingly good *Q* Btw, the last food picture, isn't it Kimbap and not sushi? I guess since it's in a Korean restaurant and I spot pickles and salad in the roll XD