Thursday, 12 April 2012

Isle of Wight trip #4

 I'm back from my trip to the Isle of Wight and I'm bored and sad without my friends! It was really nice to get out my town for a few days and go nuts with my friends so I'm bummed out that I'm on my own now.

This is the third or forth time I've been to the Isle of Wight to visit Ananya but I've never been with a large group of people before so it was really awesome!

Dodo, Randa, myself, Ananya and Marie  make up the London gyaldem; Halal DREAMz. Aren't they sexy?
The first day was spent eating and parading around the house, the weather wasn't that brilliant but the next day was amazingly sunny so we ventured down to the beach!

Posing outside Ananya's house
Look how seamlessly my extensions blend in with my hair
Top: Topshop
Skirt and Glasses: River Island
Shoes: ebay 

Posing by a tractor on the beach, unintentional flasher as usual
Indecent exposure.
The beach was gorgeous! It looks like something out of one of those hipstery Tumblr photos with irrelevant an irrelevant quote.

We carried on past IoW traditions and wrote in the sand. Our moto for the trip was YOLO because YOLO! And we love doing stuff out of irony because we're hipsters like that.
Informing the rest of the island with our teachings
#YOLO4LYF or until our hair-dye tattoos wash off.
The Isle of Wight is full of churches, which are one of my weird obsessions in life. I've always has a obsession with Christian history, and this church is nearly 1000 years old in places so my inner religion-geek got a bit too excited.
Saint Boniface church. lol boney face.....
They had a little book inside where you could write prayer requests but I don't think we wrote proper requests unless you count being able to marry Jaejoong and Rain as requests!

Other than stuffing our faces, watching Adventure Time and dying each other's hair, one of the main points of the trip was to discuss a future project that we have been discussing for a while, but it's a secret! (Unless one of the other girls have mentioned it on their blogs, or you have me on twitter) but here's some preliminary planning!

ooh mysterious!!
Watch this space! Halal DREAMz is planning something mighty exciting in 2012!!

I made a playlist of songs that we had on repeat throughout our trip so I h ope you find them ammusing.

Tomorrow some of HD and I are off to the shop Primitive in London to do some stalking...

Also there's going to be some layout changes over the next few weeks so my blog might look a bit boring for a while. x


  1. AWWWWWWW, thanks for advertising mah house here 8'D, SOMEONE BUY IT PLEASE LUL, IT'S A NICE BIG MANOR HOUSE AND STUFF.

    I miss you guiz being over, it's so ronery over here without y'all ;A;


    1. i miss you guys so much too ;_; visit me at uni soon y/y?

  2. Looks like you lots of fun! I'd also like to go on a trip with more friends someday, haven't really done that before Dx you're lucky you had the beach near you, it's beautiful!

    Haha, and omg, these typical pointless pictures with a random text on them <_< I hate them! You forgot the vintage filter though!

    Aaaah i wanna do it again, i miss everyone ;A;

  4. I MISS YOU GAYS SO MUCH! I hope that church actually does a sermon or smth so that me and Anz can marry Jaejoong and Rain LOL! Looking forward to tomorrow~

    1. PMSL. This means we'll DEFINITELY marry them now 8D

  5. LOLOLOL your posts make me laugh so much <3
    Can't wait to see what this secret is! :3

  6. Looks like a lot of fun, love how you all seemed to return with rainbow hairs XD XD

    and wtf is with the stabby tanuki? XD

  7. How did I miss this post omfg D8


    Also aww you edit your pictures so lovely and I love the first one with the Halal Dreamz text lmao <3

  8. :O Love your style!! *___*
    You were wearing a wig, right? It's amazing!
    And your platform "converse" (or maybe real Converse?) are so cool, I don't find them neither on eBay!

    1. thank you :D
      Noo, it's my real hair but I'm wearing micro-loop extensions XD.

      My "converse" are really easy to find on ebay, just search for platform sneakers~

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