Monday 9 April 2012

Favourite boy bloggers

Hey guyss

I thought I should start adding some features to my blog and one of them is to do a monthly theme post on my favourite blog, sites and individuals. I love seeing people's site recommendations so I thought I should start doing my own!

For this month I want to share my favourite boy bloggers with you. Recently I have been finding a lot of male style bloggers with really fun personal styles and it's quite hard to find blogger boys with more niche styles, especially ones who are interested in some aspects of Asian pop culture so here we gooooo!

I only discovered his blog a couple of days ago but I am in love with his style. With a wardrobe ranging from Jeremy Scott X Adidas to Givenchy, Joel has a wardrobe that will pretty much make you cry. I know i want everything in it anyway :DD And he seems to like 2NE1 which makes him even cooler.

Matsuo from Matsuo Mapple
I've been following Matsuo's blog for quite a while now. Doesn't he just have the cutest layout ever? (I have no idea why he would want to change it) Matsuo's style is a really cute and eclectic. He seems to wear a lot of vintage pieces paired with kitch accessories. His blog is just general eye-candy filled with cute graphics and Japanese oddities

William from Dripping Lazers
I found his blog through Tumblr where someone posted this picture of one of his fashion pieces for university (?) and I thought it was both hilarious and intriguing so I checked out his blog and found he had fabulous style. It's dressy but not too OTT~ 

So there we gooooo, I haven't written much about them because their blogs speak for themselves! Check them out~

Have you guys got any boy blogger recommendations? And what do you think about my new blog feature ides?

Off I go to roll around in menstrual agony woooOOOO


  1. Matsuo Mapple's layout is so cute! Idk why he'd want to change it either. I frigging love the style of the guy who writes The Hallowed Ground too, never thought I'd be inspired by guy style! Also menstrual gif is dead accurate. xx

  2. Wow I didn't know that many guys blogged! Very cute blogs xx

  3. William Harrison10 April 2012 at 03:00

    Thanks for the love!! :) :) :)

  4. THIS BLOG IS IN AN ACCEPTABLE-- Okay I can't do it! XD

    But adventure time is LOVE, and those guys are indeed too! Especially Matsuo Apples. :O

  5. WOW WOW!! Really interesting!! I don't know interesting "male bloggers"
    It's good idea "the blog of the month"!!
    Kisses dear!

  6. Ahhhh! Just seen this, thank you so much ^__^! <3

  7. i love Matsuo Mapple! i been following his tumblr for a long time and found his website too :) love it!

  8. OH MY GOD.. I just discovered this entry... you're so sweet!
    Thank you so much fot writing of my blog.. Sorry I'm very late :(
    & it's really sad to read this at this time because now I'm moving
    I'm leaving that blog, but I haven't made my new blog yet..
    I'm lack of inspiration at the moment.. tbh it's really sad!

    Thanks again :)