Monday, 6 February 2012

Things I bought in Japan

Hello all! I'm finally back from all my travels. Thanks god. Coming back from New York has left me with the worst jet lag I've ever had in my life so I'm taking it easy back home in London for a few days to try and recover.

This is going to be a bit of a boring entry unfortunately because I left my camera at university so these are the only pictures that I have uploaded onto blogger that I can actually use and 2) a combination of Insomnia, sleep deprivation and Nytol has made me rather lucid so my brain is a bit crazy at the moment and doesn't want to concentrate on one thing for too long but anyhow...on with the things!

I didn't buy as much as I thought I would mainly because clothes seem to be really expensive in Japan, and most of my money went on food and travel D,:  Not to worry! I still picked up some lovely things that work into my existing wardrobe!

First off, these blatant Jeffrey Campbell rip-offs that I picked up on sale in the Shinjuku Alta building.
1990 Yen
I practically wet myself when I saw Murua in the Lumine building and picked this up on sale. It's a gorgeous cut and looks great with a belt or even having the front tied up

3000 yen~ its SO PRETTY
Another sale item, this time from WC. I do not own any jumpers so this was kind of a necessity
about 3000 yen. NOMNOMNOM

this was my splurge item from D.I.A. I don't know what it is about the sheer tacky brilliance that makes me go mental but I wanted this and I did not care that it was 8000 yen. It's supposed to be a top but I wear it as a dress. Cos I'm classy like that.
Something ridiculous like 8000 and not in the sale but I LOVE it and it's warm

A Tutuha cami! Once again, this was on sale cos I'm cheap. I haven't found an outfit that it'll go with yet but I'm working on it!
1500 yen~ in the sale
and now for the stuff I bought from Donki.

I swear Donki has everything. I think I just might like it more than Gal brands, it's that magical
Look at these bad boys!! 

I went a bit cray cray wth buying false lashes. I picked up my usual diamond baby lashes, some 'eyelash laboratory' lashes with Shiina Hikari on them and a 10 pack of lashes for 1000 or so yen!
Stocking up! The value pack lashes look just like the line that Kyary bought out.. but way cheaper
I got some Swimmer headphones becuase Ruby got some and they were cute as pie and because I always manage to break my earphones I thought 'why not' plus they were really cute

Aren't they glorious! 
nd lastly, dis HAT. I saw quite a few girl wearing bowler hats so I thought I'd jump the bandwagon. I also lack hats in my life so this one was a welcome addition!

It looks kind of cute with a face :D

And that my friends is all the picture that I have saved on blogger from my Japan trip so yall gonna have to wait for the rest until I get back to university to hear about the rest of my trip.

So goodbye until then and I shall leave you with this song I'm obsessed with


  1. *_______* Omg, I love everything!! Haha I've got the same WC jumper :DD Is sooo cute *__________*

  2. You bought some great stuff :D

  3. I totally understand about clothes being too expensive in Japan, but I'm really impressed with the prices of the items you did get. I don't remember the NY sales being that good last year haha
    You got some great bargains!

  4. Eyelashessssssssss and that tutuHA cami <3 lovelovelovelovelove!

  5. omg your stuff from japan! *drools and falls over* wc top , dia top, eyelashes.. omg .. im getting excited to go to japan in the summer now.. :) and i love don quijote too they have everything there! what a great deal on your lashes! im still drooling over that d.i.a. top ! i need that in my life!

  6. Zomg eeek I love your buys! So so jealous ;_; <3

  7. Kyaaaa!! I loove your buys!! TOT I loooove tutuha brand.. but is really hard to buy anything of the brand from here! >o< Arwww
    Y reaaaally like your blog!I follow you! Kisses!

  8. cute buys! i love the tutuha cami n those nails!!

  9. Thank you :D I know it's so hard to find when you don't live in Japan. I hope they open up a webstore soon!

  10. I'm excited for you! I can't wait to go back.~