Monday, 27 February 2012

KKCenterHK nail review!

Hello darlings!

I'm back with another review for yall, this time from KKCenterHK~

Bloody ages ago a while ago, I was given a chance to pick out some falsies to review so I picked these pretty Chanel babies because I'm classy.
I put the nails on before I took a photography. Oopsy!!
The box came in a nail glue and packet of 12 nails; a bit of a random number as they usually come in 20s. Like most DIY stick on nails, each nail has a little number on the back to indicate size and the thing that troubled me about these sizes is that most of the nails came in one of each size so i was quite worried at this point that some of the nails wouldn't fit me 
They fit rather well!!
The glue that comes with it is really good too which is a nice change from a lot of other nail glues.
Close up!!

KKCenterHK has a massive selection of nails (around 400 designs) and they are really reasonable, mine only being $2.74 which is barely over £1!

If you're interested in buying a pair of these Chanel bad boys, click here~~

If you're into gyaru fashion and you're on a budget, this site is also excellent for picking up cheap essentials like lashes, wigs, brow powders and hair pieces so check it out yoooo!!

Also fun fact about this entry; I was so distracted writing this that I left my pizza in the oven and nearly set the flat on fire!


  1. They look great :)
    I didnt realise they had so many designs actually!

  2. thanks for the review, ive heard about kkcenter but never got to buy from them yet!

  3. WoW! Nails looks really cute and glam! I like it n.n

  4. Oooh they look amazing!
    I love the lil' comments you write on your pictures :P

  5. They're good! Fast posting too!