Thursday, 1 March 2012

New York trip

At the end of January I got the chance to travel to New York with my university course for a week of "educational stuff" and shopping. 

This entry is in no chronological order because I kind of forgot when I took the photographs.

I'm a bit bummed that I didn't take that many photos. I find that the busier I am, the less I'm likely to take photos but I took a few and tried to jazz them up and make them look pretty for yall.

Firstly when we got off the plane, we all froze because it was snowing like a crazy and us being from England, we do not know how to dress appropriately for any weather conditions, plus we were fashion students so appearance>dying from hypothermia.

This picture was from the first day I was there. My friends insisted I had a photo of myself looking all fancy down Broadway(..?) and I reluctantly agreed. You have no idea how much will-power it took me to not make a hideous face. 
Unkempt hair/crazy boobs/herpderp face CHECK
The main point of the trip was for us to explore several fashion related businesses to get an idea of what they do and in hope of giving us an insight  asto how broad the fashion industry actually is so for two days of our trip, we spent being given tours adn talks around companies like Ralph Lauren, Anthropologie, the Armani exchange head office as well as a few others.

One of my favourite things about NY was the size of the food portions. As a girl who spends 80% of her life trying to satisfy good cravings, this suited me very nicely. Every day I had pancakes dripping in maple syrup, eggs and bacon for breakfast. Eating maple syrup on eggs and bacon was a very novel experience for me.
The waiters here loved us. 
Another thing I loved was the shopping because everything is cheap compared to England, not that I could do much shopping because I spent all my money in Japan. I didn however have enough for these Jeffrey Campbells beauties. $80 reduced from $200. Can you believe that?
These babies kept me alive at a Skrillex gig, though a few spikes has to be sacrificed to do so ):

My favourite place to go shopping was Soho. In fact all SoHos are awesome. I wish I actually took some pictures of it. I was really excited about checking a store called Seven but it was closed! We did however find LF Stores which was pretty magical and full of good things.

We also found this cat in one of the shops. I have no idea what the shop was called but we only went in because we saw him.
He had a security tag round his neck so when he walked out of the shop, the staff would know. Aww <3
Some photos of other things we got up to!
Late afternoon view from the Empire State Building.
Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park
The ground zero memorial site
We were surprised to see a Topshop! Ah English pride.
There were a few of things that I thought were particularly different to what we would experience if we were back home in the UK.

1) We were constantly complimented on our accents which I thought was really weird., but cool. I didn't
understand what people thought was so interesting about the way we spoke.

2) People were really friendly. I don't know whether its because we were English but wherever we were, people would talk to us; shop staff, people on trains, people in the street. We ended up befriending half a train at one point. 

3) Our clothing caused a lot of stares. The way we dressed is nothing really out of the ordinary by UK standards and nobody would bat an eyelid but for some reason, we were being stared at like we were unicorns or something. I was also told about 5 times a day how cool my hair was. -ego swell-

I absolutely loved New York. It gave me the chance to bond more with the girls on my course, as well as escape my lectures for a week. I've always wanted to go to North America and New York did not disappoint. I really wish I could have stayed longer (and had more spending money)


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  1. I adore New York! I looked a tramp for most of my visit as it was in Feb and mad cold still haha
    Ground Zero was literally a hole when I went, I need to go back but I will just have a break down and be removed hahaha

    Oh and Topshop has 2 stores in America now I think, NYC and Chicago for sure I dont know about other stores though :)

    I want to go back nowww
    I didnt take many pictures eitherr because the cold broke my camera haha
    But i totally get your thing about the more busy/more fun you have the less pictures you end up taking XD

  2. All of the things you mentioned about America are exactly what I thought (and still do really) after first visiting. Especially the syrup and bacon thing - I like my savoury items to stay savoury haha

    The shoes are gorgeous, and I loved the outfit you were wearing in your 'fancy photo'.

  3. I wanna go NY now! Sounds so fun and MOUTH-GASM!!!!!!

  4. I work in that Topshop! i wish i had seen you ~~

  5. Lovely pics! I want to go NY city too*O^* Is love!

  6. awesome recap about NYC. i love that place. the last time ive been there was 2006, i should go more often because my dad lives there. *_* but you make me want to go AGAIN . like right NOW. hahaha i love the captions on your photos! they're always so fun and personalized! those shoes @_@ want want want

    as for your observations in number 1, i kind of have to agree, i love your english accents, it's beautiful. i know, i know it's pretty weird!

  7. Ahaha Skrillex can get intense. I've been kicked in the face from a crowd surfer at one of is concerts. But I LOVE those boots. Ugh. So jealous! O3O

  8. Ouch DX Poor you! I avoid crowd surfers like the plague. And thank you :D

  9. Hahaha thank you :D You're from Cali right? I want to go there so badly ;_; So much fun stuff seems to go on there.

    Haha I might make a recording of myself talking one day XD

  10. It's so amazing there! Everything is so big~

  11. No way! We didn't actually go in it though because we had to run to another appointment. I wish we did though ;A;

  12. omg it was fucking magical. If we ever have a sleepover with the biatches, i'm making everyone that for breakfast

  13. I remember McDonalds used to sell pancakes, syrup and bacon for breakfasts at some point here and it was pretty vile.

    Thank you :DD

  14. I really wanna go there again! Can't remember much of it ;_;