Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Clothes Show Live 2011 in Birmingham

Hello pretties!!

I've been a busy girl recently! Slacking on posting as usual

If you follow me on twitter then you may know that I was doing work experience at Clothes Show live in Birmingham as couple of weeks ago. It was an awesome experience so I thought I would share it with you.

For any of you that aren't aware of of what the Clothes Show is, you can click HERE. It's basically a massive exhibition hall full of clothing, makeup and accessory stalls (with some food and fun stuff thrown in there) and there are music acts and live fashion shows going on and its basically really awesome.

Every year, the Clothes Show gives 50 of my university's fashion marketing and fashion students the chance to work there over the whole event and I happened to be one of the students that qualified.

I was originally given a different role but because of a lot of confusion at the beginning of the day, I ended up losing it, only to be told I could be doing something much more fun; working in the VIP room which means CELEBRITIES~~

Please excuse my bad attempt at lightening the photos, my crappy little camera couldn't handle the darkness
View from our desk
View facing our desk

Seating area for the celebrities to chill
Fancy eclectic display 

Fancy seating behind our desk
It was mine and my friend Emily's job to check VIP and celebrities into the room and make sure they were happy and offer help if they needed any. 

We has Kimberly Wyatt, Zoe Birket, Lucien Laviscount, Tobias Mead, some of the TOWIE lot, some of the Hollyoaks cast, The dance crew Flawless, George Lamb, Bip Ling, and a loads more~ and my friend Chris's band FranKo

To be perfectly honest, I didn't know who half the celebs attending were. I'm not too concerned with celebrity or pop-culture but none-the-less it was really interest to see how people who live their lives in the spot light behave when they aren't on TV and they were all absolutely lovely ♥

Me and Emily soon discovered the power that our staff passes held for us and we took full advantage of it.
With our PASS POWER, here are some of the things we managed to get and do.

Wrong information is wrong

1. VIP seats at the main fashion show


3. Free stuff from stalls! I was finally able to try out a pair of Eyelure's bottom lashes that I was curious about and we had them put on us

4. Sit in on fashion lectures held by Caryn Franklin who I must say is one of the classiest looking women I have ever seen in my life

5. FREE FOOD. We were given £6 a day to spend on food!

Or drinks. HO HO HO
6. Got our makeup done. Free makeovers FTW

We also managed to get backs stage to where the models were. And got to watch them get changed. oh hellooooo

I didn't buy very much because I'm going to Japan in a couple of days and are therefore saving but when I saw this stall right here I HAD to buy something.
NOMNOMNOM WANT EVERYTHING. Still need to write a blog about the stall for my uni's blog 
I've heard of Regal Rose before through Ananya who bought one of their snake earrings. They're a UK brand run by two sisters~ They have several jewelry concepts which change with the seasons but their stuff is always unique from what you'll find on the highstreet. And better quality. And cheaper. So much to love 

I bought these babies~ I'm not too sure what the crystal is but it's like a glittery black, it's beautiful!

Thank god their site has a pic of the earrings I bought, my camera was not behaving .

It's been 2 weeks since it ended and I'm back home in London. there's still a couple of things that i want to write about like Ananya's birthday and the prize I got from D~tan's giveaway but I literally have no time because I'm flapping around trying to pack my suitcase because I am going to Tokyo for 18 days!


So this is my last entry of 2011!! Thank you to all my followers and readers, new and old for sticking by me and I hope you have enjoyed my blog so far. Next year I hope I can be a better blogger and update more regularly and with better content!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I shall be with you again in 2012! x x


  1. Oh wow it sounds like an amazing experience! Wish I could do something like that for Design... One can dream lolololol.
    Have fun in Japan! Will miss yooou~ ^^

  2. Sounds like so much fun! And I love your hair! Happy Holidays to you too :3
    Join my giveaway:

  3. It sounds like you have so much fun. Can't wait to see you!!!!

  4. How do you like a tripto Japan?
    I wish you have a goooood travel!!:3

    Your hair is soooo good!!
    I love it!XD

  5. I had been waiting for all your classy pics and details on the clothes show and it didn't disappoint (why would it?). It looks like you had an amazing time. I wish I could do something like that.

    Did you try the easy-apply eyelashes? I did a post on them recently so I'd love to hear what you thought.

  6. glad you liked it! I really wish I took more pictures but I didnt want to shove my camera in any of the celebs faces while they were trying to chill.

    I did try the easy to apply lashes but the strings fell off before I attached them haha! I found it easier to put them on without the strings

  7. Marimargret Park25 March 2012 at 03:23

    I discovered your blog a while ago and have been reading it like crazy daily. <3 You are my idol, not even going to lie. You make me laugh so much with your humor and lovely personality. Stay beautiful <3

    That's really cool that you know a member of FranKo, though! I remember having a huge crush on Tommy Bastow's character (had to look up his name >_<) when Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging came out in 2008. LOL, oh my... I do rather enjoy FranKo's music, though. :')