Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My 20th birthday, stuff, clothes and more stuff

Hey guys

I'm currently laying in bed dying from the worst head cold ever and I'm bored out of my mind so I thought I'd write an entry.

I thought I had nothing to write about but I actually have a ton. It's all over the place, just sayin'

It was my birthday on the 14th and I am now 20 x_x I went clubbing with Ananya and ToniMarie was unfortunately too young to come with us so she stayed at Ananya's flat. Ingvild had arrived earlier in the day so she came along with us and one of her friends. She was only there briefly because she was tired understandable but to was nice to meet her :) She's so cute too ;_;

We got to meet the designer of KTZ that day too :,D Sasko Bezovski or 'Sasha'.
EXCUSE ME WHILE I THROW MYSELF OUT OF MY FLAT WINDOW FROM THE AWESOME. He's not normally in the store but he was that day.
He was SO LOVELY. he said we were really fun and gave us a big hug ;_; We asked him where all the places that sold KTZ in Tokyo so he wrote them down and he drew us a map of all the best vintage stores to go to and restaurants and onsens and and and yeah.

Start in Harajuku, end up in Kyoto. Somehow.
Let me calm down.

On the day of my birthday, I kind of like... stopped being a vegetarian... accidentally. My flat mates and I ordered this Chinese set menu and barely anything on it was vegetarian so being the beastly girl that I am, I thought F*** this, it's my birthday and I ....


tasty endangered species

and I have not turned back

I feel bad though. I've been a vegetarian for 11 years now and now suddenly I'm eating everything animal related in site. I feel like such a rebel

We also got a KITTEN. She was my aunts but after realizing that she is horrifically allergic to cats and it was making her asthma really bad, she now lives with us.

She's a ratty little thing. She's half Siamese, half tabby. She's ever so cute, very affectionate, unlike my other cat, Chi, who I love to death but she hates me ),:

and since then I've been sitting on my skinny ass not doing much

I bought some makeup last week with a Boots voucher that my nan got me~ Look at all diz shit!

1. Barry M in Vivid Purple (it's all metallic and sparkly ~)
2. Natural Collection in Neutral translucent
3. Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara
4. Rimmel Lipstick in Vintage pink
5. Natural Collection Cover Stick in Faun
6. Lipcote
7. 17 eyebrow pencil in dark brown

Thank you Grandma~~

Talking of makeup,
I won 2nd place in D~tan's 1st year anniversary giveaway and got $15 to spent at NYX so I am looking forward to receiving the lipsticks and pigment that I wanted

I got this fancy top a while back on my birthday weekend. Ananya had the same one and I fell in love with it so I was like RIGHT BITCH, I AM BUYING THIS TOO

Covering my fuggers door
Lol I jk, we always end up buying the same stuff without us realizing.

It's pretty sick on. If I'm ever wearing something boring, I just throw it on and it's an instant boost!

Channeling Taemin and his stupid awesome hat from the Japanese Lucifer promotions

Censoring his face because he looks like a slut
My parents came up to visit me on Saturday :3 Being a poor student they took me on a big food shop, I think I have enough food to feed me for a month HAWHAW so much cake :,D

Mum also got me this cute pair of shoes from New Look. I love them so much ;_; I've been dying for a new pair of heels. I hate wearing flats, they make me feel so unglamorous and like as stupid as this sounds, not Gal.

I've been doing a bit of work experience recently~ One of my fashion tutors, Kiran runs a vintage/DIY brand called RedRock Fashion and myself and a few other girls from my Fashion marketing course were giving her with a hand with pricing, sizing and labeling the things she was selling.

I am never seen so many vintage clothes in my life! there were literally sacks of them everywhere.

I am a label sewing warrior.

As well as that, I've also been given a job at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham later this week EEK! Apparently my university and the show are like besties so every year, they ask for help from our first year fashion students and I've been given the job of 'Paparazzi'. Sweet. I would have preferred to be a dresser or work back stage because I would at least be with people from my course. I do't really know what my role with entail but I really hope I get the chance to move around and talk to people.

Still it'll be something to put on my CV!

I'm so bogged down with revision and exams and deadlines at the moment. GAAAAH

But in less than a month, I will be in Tokyo. aaaah~

Have a song I love


  1. Omigawsh look as if yoou guys had so much fun! I'm so sorry that I couldn't make it ;_;
    I'm so jealous of yooou! I luurve your top and shoes~ ^^

  2. MATCHING TOOOOPSSS, WHOOOOOOOOPP. I think we possibly have more than four things in our wardrobes that are the same now LOL, someday we're both gonna walk out the house in exactly the same outfits, hurr duurrh.
    Gratz on getting le job at the CSL brah, sounds like it'll be awesome <3.

  3. happy birthday! looks like you had fun and I have boots just like those<333

  4. THAT DRESS *O* I want it.

    Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Emmie!!!

    Hope you had a great time! D:

    I MUST HAVE YOUR DRESS. I love how much it looks like a chain mail lol, I have a tank similar to it but, of course not as AWESOME as your dress X ]

    Looks & sounds like you had loads of fun :) .. mmmm my boyfriend has recently become vegetarian, I don't know how he does it? I mean .. he doesnt do it for the animals ;\ he says his doing it to "cleanse" his insides (?) LOL
    So now because you've eaten meat, are you going to stop being vegetarian full time or was it just a "pass" day!
    Loving the outfits love, especially that knitted top/dress O____________O


  7. Thank you :DD
    Maybe he should stick to organic meats then rather than cutting it out of his diet altogether? Then all the crap's cut out but he's not depriving himself of nutrients lol.
    I don't know really. I'll have to see how it goes haha

  8. You called your new kitten Misha?! XDD That was my kitten's name!

  9. My aunt named her before we got given her. I love it though, such a cute name~

  10. Delicious meaaaats! I was a veggie for a long long long time and switched to eating meat in Japan. It's hard to be a veggie in Japan >_< @atashida does it though if you'd like some tips when you're traveling and still wanna be a veggie!

    I'm absolutely loving that top. It looks so cool layered!

  11. hi im your new follower!<3
    if you want/have time you can check out my blog too!
    I would be very happy!!