Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Barbie Super Nudy lenses review

Apologies to Shoppingholic for my slooow slow review

I was given my pick of any of the lenses on their site and I settled on getting a pair of Barbie eye Super Nudy lenses in Brown..

Stats time:

Barbie Eye Super Nudy Series
Water content:48%

the package arrived really fast and everything was wrapped up in these cute plastic bags :D

I opened the content of the bag and  and here's what was in it!

A cute puffer fish shaped lens container. Shoppingholics gives you a free cute animal case with every lens purchase
I also have a hippo and a pig, I have a zoo going on now!
An adorable little card with some instructions on how to take care of the lenses

and now onto the lenses, isn't it just the prettiest packaging you've ever seen!!

They also gave a pair of those Velcro hair strips that hold back your hair~~

You may have heard of Nudy lenses before, there seem to be quite a few lens brand bringing out their own variations including Geo who most of your lens wearers are familiar with. 
I guess a characteristic of Nudy lenses would be that the outer ring is never black, its always a darker shade of the lens, creating a more natural look.

The reason I chose this pair is because I had a pair of Geo Nudy lenses in Green a while back and they were some of my favorite lenses (until I lost them at a Dir en Grey concert D,:) because they were so comfortable so with this in mind, I just had to have a similar pair! 

The difference between the two is that the Barbie eye ones are a massive 16mm  in diameter while the Geos were only 14.5mm

When I got them I couldn't decide whether they were more brown than green but I just settled on the fact that they look golden, which isn't a problem at all because they look wonderful on!

Blurry picture is blurry. I can never get a happy medium with cameras D:

They do look wonderfully natural~

I was wearing them in one of my previous pictures too, they show up pretty well.

DUCK FACE I have to stop doing this, it looks so fug. My face+photos=NO

Size: ***** 16mm is HUGE. Can't really argue with that
Comfort: *** my eyes do dry out pretty fast with these. They definitely aren't as comfortable as the Geo nudys but as I'm not familiar with Barbie Eye as a brand, I can't tell whether its the lens that dries my eyes or the sheer size of it that makes them slightly uncomfortable after lengthy wear.
Design: ***** Gorgeous design. Perfect for more natural or mature looks

If you want a pair of these lenses or other Barbie eye Super Nudy colours click here.
They're £26.90 which works out at about £16 a pair which may sound kind of expensive but Shoppingholic is one of the only places you can buy legitimate Barbie eye lenses (trust me I have seen some fakes in my time) plus the service is fast and you can get a number of cute freebies depending on how many pairs of lenses you buy!

The site is specifically aimed at gyaru (plus the layout is really cute!) and you can ever buy a number of gal brand lashes including a load of stuff from the Eyemazing range, Diamond, Melliesh, dollywink and more and they have an extensive range of Candy Doll makeup -swoon-


  1. Barbie eye is really cute ^ ^ I love the way it is so big but comfy!

  2. I do love Shoppingholics. I was totally blow away by their service and attention to detail, that's what I look for in a good seller. Plus they have such a great range, perfect for any gal. And all the free gifts! We love free gifts up in huurr.

  3. i love shoppingholics!! <3
    thank you for the review,! Im looking for a new style to try so this really helped me alot :D

  4. I really like how you did this review! :D
    and I love the fish cases hehe I have a purple one :D

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