Friday, 4 November 2011

gyaru meet in london and halloween

I went back home at the weekend to see my family and friends for a bit~ 

My mother and I went on a bit of a shopping expedition as I was in desperate need of some. (I literally bought like 4 with me so university and they've been on rotation since I started) 

Look at how black everything is. Gosh I'm getting boring.


Look at this velvet bad boy
From Topshop~
 I have no idea why I liked this because normally I go running and screaming at the sight of velvet but for some reason, I needed it. It's very versatile~

More than anything, I liked the cut of this top. It made me feel like a kpop man.
Another Topshop one
 I'm not too big on t-shirts and casual tops but I needed something that will go with everything and this fitted the bill!

I found this hiding under a pile of stuff in Zara.

 It doesn't look it but its actually quite see-through and floaty and has "dolman "sleeves i.e the baggy under-arm bit. Perfect for rocky outfits

 I thought this was a wolf at first but on closer inspection it's actually  a bear LOL. The back of it is gashed which is all well and good but it does get a bit breezy at times and I have frequently been caught on things~

Mum insisted on me buying some more flat shoes because she hates me wearing heels all the time. I saw these reduced in Office~ £50 down to £25
Real leather. ooooh~
I don't normally like flats because I think they can look quite dull (plus I feel short in them D,:) but these are lovely! they buckle up at the ankles. They so give me blisters thouhh D,:

I got this bear top from Republic, not a shop I'd normally go into because they seem to have an awful lot of boring casual stuff but among the piles of distasteful knitwear that have become so popular recently, I found this gem

The day after was Pink Marble's gal circle meet and seeing as I had nothing to wear other than what I went out to buy yesterday (because I left literally everything at my uni flat, I didn't think!) I had to knock something together with the clothes I bought from the day before so I wasn't feeling too fabulous.

Ah familiar messy bedroom~
Unfortunately we didn't really take any pictures from the meet except for Purikura and once again I can't stop myself from making horrible faces. One day the wind is going to change direction and I'm going to be stuck like that forever. LOL
It was really nice to see some new faces and see my usual lot, except Marie and Ananya weren't there because they suck and were hung over and had work to do. BOO.

Everyone was so cute!

Now I'm back at university again and I've been feeling quite sad for the past few days. I was originally thinking maybe I'm starting to get homesick but then I remembered my period's due LOL TMI

Oh on Halloween I went clubbing with some of my housemates

wtf is Disco Henry I don't even know.
Laura dressed like a pedophile. She even had a bag of sweets with her.

I don;t even know there I'm supposed to be going so i'll just leave you with a gif of a typical activity that we do in our flat corridor.

how to make a gif

It's shocking how much fun you can have in a 3ft wide space

Also if any of you, or anyone you know, live around Northampton and like kpop or visual kei or gyaru or anything along those lines BE MY FRIEND PLZ
cos it would be really nice to meet some people around here who share a common interest :D

Anyway, off I go




  1. LOL your soo funny! it was great meeting you properly ^_^ <3 x Charli, Emi and I are only about an hour away we could have a mini gal meet at some point? we could try and drive over xxx

  2. I have that shame topshop dress but in a wine colour, I normally hate velvet too but its sooo soft and shiny! x

  3. I LOVE THE BEAR TOP. I don't know why but that is so cool.

    I feel the same about velvet. I really don't think it flatters me at all, the material, no matter how the cut of the garment is, always makes me look like a matron. Matron isn't the look I'm going for haha.

    Velvety Goodness did make me laugh though :P.

  4. Oh god velvet makes me cringe so hard D: D: lol
    I love the bear top though, so random XD

    and wtf do you do in your corridoor XD hahaha

  5. You too love :D
    That would be amazing :DD

  6. I wanted the red one too but it looked a bit strange with my pink hair haha.

  7. I feel a bit like a warrior wearing it LOL.

    I'm sure your perfect velvet garment is out there waiting for you somewhere~

  8. like anything we can think of, we roll down it (curled up though cos its too narrow), putting each foot on each side of the wall and attempting to walk across it. i really should document some of the crap we do in it because it's kind of wild lol

  9. I noticed that your hair is two-toned! How do you due it like that??

    Ohh I would love to be your friend. I love kpop and gyaru ^ ^

  10. Haha yes please do! XD XD
    We never played in our corridoor, I feel like Im missing out lol

  11. Your blog is super amusing and cute. Following you. <3

  12. Ananya Rao-Middleton9 November 2011 at 17:30

    LUL, sorry for being hungover bb <3, cannot wait to see you this weekend though! And I like your new gets, I have the same velvet dress as you but in red 8D! lovelovelovexxx

  13. My friend did it for me~ She just separated a third of my hair and bleached it then dyed it pink!

  14. ZOMG I am such a bad commenter person~ But aaanyways, I had lots of fun meeting yooou! ^3^ We should defo do it again <3 I miss yoou ;_; <3