Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My neighbours need to rot.

Hello pretties!

How are you all doing??

University is treating me well, I'm having fun here. Nothing fantastically eventful has happened, just every-day uni life stuff but I can't complain. I love it here. Well besides noisy neighbours playing dubstep at stupid hours of the night and morning and people being too loud when they come back from clubs, but other than that (and my 9 am starts every day) I can't complain!

I've been pretty busy which I don't even know what. I seem to send an awful amound of time bumming around yet at the same time, I'm still busy. Somehow. Being sociable I guess. One of my flat mates is really big on comic books and she's introduced me to some Marvel and DC stuff and sent me a selection of comic book torrents to download and I've currently been reading one called Cable and Deadpool.


The weekends are utterly DEAD here. None of the foody places on campus are open, the buses to town are really infrequent and everyone is hiding away so we've had to come up with some new and creative things to do to keep ourselves interested. Here are some of the things we have tried:

1) Redecorating!
The corridor looks mighty boring, there's nothing in it and it's all a bit drab so we thought it we would make our doors and message boards look nice!

Complete with sparkly unicorn, a picture from Kingdom Hearts and a rather graphic illustration of where to dispose of sanitary towels which was put in all the girls flats, you know, just in case we don't understand the purpose of bins. I thought I'd make it look pretty.

My message boards outside my room door that my flat mates decorated for me~

and Me Gusta lives on our flat's main door.

2) Climbing up the walls like a 4 year old thinking they're Spiderman.
Yes it is still fun

3) Being ghosts

Bed sheet over body; glasses; hat. Hilarious.

4) Drawing on our faces

5) Getting drunk and sleeping in the corridor

and my personal favourite,

6) Find pedobear; an on-going game which involves hiding this here picture of our beloved bear and placing it somewhere in the flat in hope of someone else finding it. Once is is found, it is then replaced in another spot.
The funny part is that we never run into each other when we place it in a new place so it's kind of like it moves by itself.

Last time I saw him, he was in my freezer!

My favorite incident from the last few weeks was our "bacon incidence". On Friday a few weeks back we were all woken up at 2am from a loud knocking on our flat door and we were like greeted by this packet of bacon outside it. I got really excited because I thought gremlins has blessed us with a new packet but on looking in our fridge we realised that it was in fact our own bacon.
Which means someone entered our flat.

Turns out it was some of the boys in one of the flats near us, they were drunk and fancied a bacon sandwich so they found our flat was unlocked *ahemIbetitwasLynette* and stole our bacon but then their guilty consciousnesses arose (or the lack that they'll get kicked out of their flat if they cause any more mischief) and they decided to abandon the bacon and warn us in the form of banging on our door to let us know it was there.

The flat-mates and I ventured into Milton keynes yesterday for some shopping. These cows were there.

I only picked up a couple of thing, infact I really shoulnd't be shopping at all becuase I'm a povo student but I saw this amazing cross necklace in Miss Selfridge and I just had to get it.

Isn't it beautiful *_*

I also bought another pair of suspender tights.

I ordered these nails a couple of days back from LynnsBoutique on Etsy. Aren't that fabulously blasphemous?

Creepy guys just gravitate towards me and I have no idea why. Urgh it makes me cringe just thinking about it.
 He sat with us because he liked my hair. He was blatantly a massive weeaboo and was amazed that I liked anime and manga. After 15 minutes of horrific chat up lines and sexual advances, we made a run for it. So creepy.

I'm off to the SU for 90s night. SWEET.

but not before I read like 100+ pages from one of my new text books.


I'm going back to London on Friday to see my parents *ahem get spoiled* and attend the MCM expo in London and see some of my lovely Gals so look forward to that entry!!



  1. Sounds like so much fun hehe XD

  2. So many amazing things in this post that I don't know where to begin LOL But it sounds like you're having a lot of fun at university! I live at home so I don't have the luxury of having roommates or anything, but it seems like you got lucky and got amazing ones that like a lot of the same stuff. My best friend always had nasty roommates so the idea of them scared me 8D

    Also... Rosebud!!

  3. Oh shit chinese...good luck to that! you'll need it haha~~ :p

    I want those tights! I'm starting to have tights fetish lol

  4. OH LORDY, CAN I COME LIVE WITH YOU PLEASE, sounds like so much fun, I had such a giggle reading this!! xxxx

  5. I bribed my mum into getting me the henry holland suspender tights the other day OMFG THEY ARE SO SASSY

  6. You guys are so funny! xD And I can't get enough of your hair!! It looks amazing!

  7. Your outfit is cuuute, and the new tights are GORGEOUS. I need me a pair. Glad you're enjoying Uni life. Looks like you're having plenty of lulz.

  8. Deadpool is my hero, I'm glad your having fun.

  9. This post is awesome!
    I'm glad you're having fun~
    And good luck studying Chinese! o.o

  10. LULZ WTF IS THAT PHOTO OF YOU WITH THE MUSHROOM ON YOUR HEAD... I swear you have the weirdest most hilarious blog ever... me gusta..... me gusta indeed

  11. hahahah aomg Emmieeeeeeeeeee

    This blog post is seriously hilarious hahahahah I LOVE you! One of the funniest blog post I've read so far ahahaha

  12. LOOOOOOOL, the pedobear game sounds sosososo funny luuuuuul! And BAWWW I love your face with monobrows and pedotaches. Also, LOL I swear you're getting chatted up by weebs so often nowadays, you need to wear a bright shiny anime badge saying NO WEEBS PLZ, to fend them off. Miss you wife, we need a wife over soon : (( xx