Saturday, 8 October 2011

Life at University


I am writing to you from my room in my flat at University. Eek! I've been here 2 weeks now and I am thoroughly enjoying my time here. I've been pretty busy with studying and general socializing and whatnot so this post isn't really well prepared but I thought I would show you my new home for the next year~

Pardon my brain if what I say doesn't make much sense. I was being a good fresher and partying and drinking til the early hours of this morning so my brain is a little fuzzy!

In this delightful brown building is my flat.

I share it with 5 other girls and together we share a a kitchen, bathroom, 2 toilets and a shower.
It's a bit plain and stuff but we're slowly starting to make it look more homely i.e writing stuff on everything and sticking pictures up.

Our delightful corridor which is creepy at night. The door that you see at the end leads onto the flat next to us and if you push it hard enough you can get through it.
Damn my neighbours are NOISY.

Our kitchen! It's pretty spacious and it's where we usually get together in the evenings and have a chat and stuff our faces.
Stove burns everything.

Now onto my humble living quarters.

Blurred out my underwear
I was INCREDIBLY happy to find that my bedroom did not have green furnishing like it was shown on the university website, but purple which is slightly better.

I had to bring my own mirror, can't outfit-whore without one! (it was only like £26!!)
 You can get more of a gist of the floor space. It's pretty small but it's not cramped.

The general door area where my shoes and jackets etc live

My measly wardrobe which doesn't allow me to hang up most of my stuff so I have to cram most of my clothes into these little square holes. One is not amused.

My bed. It's sort of uncomfortable and its springs frequently ping you in the back when you roll over

It's still incredibly weird being here, I feel like I'm in a holiday camp and that I will be going home soon to resume my life in London but it's not. Northampton is going to be my home for the next three years of my life.
Northampton is a pretty quiet town, in comparison to London, it's pretty small and quiet. It's a bit of a shock for a city girl, though it is beautiful.

I'm starting to settle in properly now. I felt really out of place for the first few days, I only went out a couple of times in Freshers week but now I'm starting to get comfortable now and I'm starting to meet people and go out more.
Went to a club called Propaganda last night with the neighbours. Fun messy times.  

I love my flatmates, well 4 of them (I don't even see the other one, she hides away). They may not like partying as much as I do but I couldn't ask for a better bunch. They're all really interesting and crazy and we have a similar warped sense of humour and find joy in the simplest of things.

My classes are really fun and interesting (well the fashion aspect of it anyway the marketing side is a little dry), my lecturers are all lovely (my fashion ones in particular, they're so inspiring *_*) and though I don't know my course mates very well yet, they all seem like a lovely bunch of girls (and guy) I know I'm really going to enjoy these next 3 years here.

Handling my money wisely is something that I'm finding hard to get used to. Since I don't qualify for a Student Grant and I don't have a job anymore, I'm relying on my parents for money for food and going-out and I have to be really careful with how much I spend. If any of you guys have any tips on how to save money then please recommend me some.

Bought this lot for just over £10 yesterday, woohoo!!

As much as I love my shitty flat and life in Halls, it can be bloody irritating at times. When you're  not being woken up by your neighbours blasting dub-step while you're trying to sleep or banging on your doors or you to come out and party with them, there's fire alarms going off left, right and center meaning you have to leave the halls immediately, even if you're asleep or partially dressed.

This happened about an hour ago. We even had a fire engine arrive!

This guy made it worth it though

Now I'm wondering whether to go out drinking again tonight. Last night was mental and I'm exhausted.

Ah life, 

Bye bye darlings!

ps. I'm going to New York at the end of January for a week WOOOOOO


  1. Wow looks like fun! I also moved into uni not too long ago, the freedom is great haha! I only have to share with 3 other girls though :9
    Looking forward to your future posts!

  2. waaaaaaaaaaah i miss the start of uni. It was so much fun!!!

  3. Congrats on starting your uni life ~ hrmm.. maybe once you get settled with your classes and work load you can think of taking up a part-time/casual job so that at least you have money for going out and whatnot.. otherwise it would kinda suck to have to depend on your parents all the time DX Hope you have a blast~

  4. hahah those captions you added to the photos are hilarous! good luck with univeristy! It's already my second year and I feel like its going by sooo fast... T_T Btw, I totally relate with you on the creepy hallways...I think theyre a staple of dorms xD

  5. like the edits in the photos (:

    CMPang x

  6. I love how you can make such normal photos so amusing! :')
    Hope you have fun at uni!

  7. hahaha oh man, i hope your neighbours keep down for you and there will be no more fires. Scary shiz if it turns out to be srs bsns. D:
    Can't wait until you make your room all pink!! Glad you are enjoying it there though hun, miss you loads ;__; xxx

  8. I hope you're enjoying dorm life too :DD
    and thank you!

  9. I'm starting to look forward to having a flat now though so I don't have to put up with shitty neighbours lol

  10. LOL thanks :DDD

    They're so damn creepy! The lights in ours turn on and off automatically, it's horrifying!

  11. Thanks gurl. They'd better stfu or I'll run into their flat at 6 in the morning and jump on their beds as revenge.
    MISS YOU TOO! Hopefully gonna be seeing you for expo

  12. The edits in the photos are funny xD
    Even though you're away from home, i'm sure you're having a good time!
    And lol at the guy on the bike xD

  13. Ananya Rao-Middleton21 October 2011 at 16:33

    Lol awwww

  14. AWWW BAAAABY It wasn't supposed to be scary XD I'm sorry she scared her, I'll make her go to your house to apologize. .