Saturday, 1 October 2011

KTZ S/S2012

Hullo babies!

Sorry it's been a while. I was planning to blog to you from my lovely (...well) flat at university but I was a spazz and left my camera cable at home so I couldn't post any pictures but I am back home in London now, [currently sitting with a plastic bag on my head waiting for my pink dye to develop] and I have my camera cable so I can commence with the entry that I had originally anticipated to make.

I managed to blag myself a ticket for English and Parisian brand, KTZ's Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show at London Fashion week along with my fabulous new friend, Daisy.

I've expressed my love for KTZ in a previous entry and I thought as there are a lot of Kpop fans following my blog that it would make for an interesting post as it is an incredibly popular brand among Korean musicians.
Like stupidly popular.
In fact most of the main k-pop groups are literally dripping in the stuff.
And I thought it would be fun to show you lot what your fave idols could will be wearing in the coming seasons!
Let's look at some examples of k-idols in diz brand yo.
Park Bom in Try to Follow Me

The boys of B2st in basically everything in A/W2010's Bijoux collection

Amber in a KTZ  pre-fall 2011 print jacket
Amber in pearly white crispy jacket thing that I can't remember what collection its in

G.O of MBLAQ with this fetching t-shirt
SHINee's Key a.k.a The South Korean ambassador of KTZ rocking this bad ass ring from their pre A/W 2011-12 collection
I would seriously be here for like  6 months if I were to document every single KTZ outfit worn by a K-celeb, [75% of those being by Key. I'm pretty sure 35% of his wardrobe is KTZ...]

So here is my outfit I knocked together for the occasion!
Oh yush I have new hair ho ho ho
My outfit. I thought I looked a bit of a hobo but I got my photo quite a few times 8D

Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: River Island
Fake-ass platform converse: Ebay
Body harness thingy: Forever 21
New hair: magical goddess Chriss

I've been talking to Daisy online for the past few months but I hadn't met her until the day of the Fashion Show so I was really nervous that she was going to think I was like... insane but she turned up in her pink cardi- feathery Whistles skirt- Miu miu heeled adorable glory and we hit it off instantly and we fan-girled and spazzed our way to Somerset House the place the fashion show and drifted around the area waiting for the show to start.

I am still cursing myself for not taking photos before the start of the fashion show because there was just so much interesting stuff to photograph, including Daisy's outfit which was flipping awesome so I took the liberty of drawing what she wore.

I hope I remember it right LOL

Look at dat talent right there
Pink Cardigan
Whistles feather dress-turn-tube skirt
Navy Socks
Those white flower print (I think) satin Miu Miu Sling backs

I have never seem to many stylish people in one place at the same time in my whole life. It was incredibly weird but amazing, and slightly intimidating.

I know I shouldn't believe the stereotype that fashion people are scary but I really couldn't help it. Some of the attendees looked so sever and serious looking that we were scared to look them for too long in fear of them ripping our limbs off like angry baboons.

I hope we broke the stereotype by being overly enthusiastic, laughing too loudly and talking about anime, Bodyline dresses, cute phone charms and French bulldogs among other things in between being photographed for various sites and blogs.

Because we had tickets with dots on them we were allowed into the venue before this massive queue which was very nice.

Sparkly nail tips which have already had to come off because they turned yellow for some reason

I'd like to say that the blurred photography and skewed angles were done on purpose for artistic effect but that would be lying. I cannot use my SLR for shit and I am a horrific photographer.

 Here are some of my favourite looks and outfits from the collection.

Click to enlarge for more detail.
We saw the show on the Wednesday which was menswear day but I'm pretty sure most of the collection this season was aimed more towards women, unfortunately I didn't really take many pictures of the mens stuff, though I can't really imagine any dudes donning many of those fancy bondage number...

My favourite thing about the collection was the PRINTZ. I am obsessed with their prints. Every collection, several new prints are introduced and come in a variety of colours and garment styles. I LOVED their bright jewel prints on black and pink fabric. SO pretty, they looked edible and the basic metallic outfits that were covered in bows. Kpop gurls are gon b all up on dem printz.

So yeah it was really magical and junk. ~~ It was a lot shorter than I had anticipated but none-the-less it was lovely and I was absolutely thrilled to have been able to attend. It was amazing to meet Daisy too, she is sooo soooo lovely and we have a lot of common and I definitely need to see her again for more fashiony adventures.

So yuuush that was my first experience of London Fashion Week. I'm hoping to go again next year as it was magical. 
My arm is going to drop off.
More blogging soon! xx


  1. Fffff I wish I could have gone ;A; Saw Ambers shiny jacket in the sale box in KTZ on Friday tho.

  2. Waw I like your new hair style (:

  3. You're so lucky to have gotten the chance to go :) Love your outfit & hair !

  4. Wow park boms outfit is super pretty! Glad you had a good time in London ^^

  5. Hi hi!! You´re so lucky to attend to London fashion week! I'm very interested in all kinds of fashion related things and I would be so excited to see THE fashion week it self, even once in my life. I also love to dress up and gyaru style inspires me alot. Oh and how cool is that you get to study fashion in university!! I would deffinitely do the same if i got the chance but where I come from there is zero schools (or at least proper universities and colleges) where studying fashion is possible.Still im graduationg to become a stylist next spring , but yeah studying fashion must be so .. interesting!. Fashion is definitely my passion amongst other stuff like music. Korean music& fashion scene is really cool and their styling ( especially 2ne1) is something I can't even describe. I don't know where their stylists get all the ideas but I totally love it and adore their sence of style. Besides the fab music they sing I really enjoy watching the MV's (Lonely and Balmain<3). You can't even imagine what ace they have in their sleeves and every new video is something different. Someday I deffinitely drag my ass to Seoul and go to that club where G-dragon hangs out and dance till the morning. I'm looking forward to read your life at the uni and what kinds of courses and assignments you get to do! You're SO lucky to live in London (not now though)!. All thosebig city opportunities and fashion related things and the whole atmosphere. I get my own taste of English life when I'm hopefully going to Leeds (and my dream is to be able to visit in London too!) at the end of january for tree weeks or so (school related trip). Sorry fo the long rant and I probaly forgot half of the things I wanted to say but I think it's best for that way :D. Btw You're very pretty and your style is wicked and sence of fashion really shows! There might and IS a lot of mistakes in my english but hopefully you get something out of this long mess :> Good luck to your studies!

  6. Marie and I were drooling at all the S/S 2012 stuff in store in the Soho store, especially the rings they had in (like the one that Key is wearing), wantwantwant all of it!

  7. can you please tell me what your converse platform shoes are called? I reaaaly want some like that ^^