Friday, 16 September 2011

Nail foil review- KKCenterHK sponsor post

Hello all! I'm back with another sponsored.

KKCente HK contacted me asking if I wanted to review a some of their new Nail Foils so I was given a chance to pick a design I liked and write a bit about it.

If you aren't aware of what a nail foil it, i's basically a giant nail-shaped sticker for your nail that's a more precise version of nail polish I guess!

Geometric patterned nails have been very popular with Mode-Gyaru at the moment. Mode Gals have very little embellishment on their nails and are a lot less extravagant to the nails that we're used to seeing on gyaru so foils like these are perfect.

Momoko Ogihara's nails

 I chose this design on the site

Simple black and white can suit any look. It's classy, its versatile and will go with in my wardrobe (which is all black HAH)

They arrived really fast and on opening the packet, I realized...

Not to worry! Silver is just as lovely...but srsly I thought they were white. AH WELL

They're really straight forward to put on you just select a size that is most similar to your nail, cut it a little so it fits better, peel and stick straight over your nail.

If you want to get rid of any excess stick, simply use a nail file, file in a downward direction and the excess comes straight off! Simple right?

I'll run through a few pros and cons of the nail foils


  • The design is pre-done for you, no flapping around trying to get the design looking symmetrical on all your nails.
  • No smudging as no polish is needed!
  • Simple and fast to apply
  • The edges keep sticking up if no stuck down properly
  • They don't stick for very long
  • They leave a right mess
If you're interested in getting some, KKCenterHK have a massive selection with several style categories adn they're all under $6USD.

If you like the ones I got, then click here and you can get them for only $5.20!

Have any of you guys used nail foils before? What did you think of them?


  1. I totally want Momoko's nails D:

    I love the scissor doodle haha
    Ive never used foils before but I am much tempted :)

  2. Maria♥ ♪(´ε` )24 September 2011 at 10:31

    I love sticks for nails . it looks sometimes so much better that nail polish.... and you have free for a few long days with nails <3