Monday, 12 September 2011

Starting university, new hair and cute pink things~

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Hey guys!

In just under 2 week, I'm going to moving out of Greater London to start my new life in Northampton to do Fashion Marketing at the University of Northampton!

It's only an hour from London ;_;
I am SO excited about to going to university, you have no idea! I feel like my life is finally starting and I am going to study a topic that I am truly passionate about and I'm BUZZING. (After sucking with my education for so long, I've actually done something right!)

I thought I'd have a little hair change to celebrate...

I cut it all off!
 I had it cut baring in mind that I wanted to attach micro loop extensions to it so I have to put up with having a really annoying longer layer that I don't want, just to keep it natural looking when the extensions are in. I love it but now my hair is so healthy, it doesn't stay curled for more than half an hour ;_;

Zombie time!

"Shit! That blood is dangerously close to dripping on my clothes!"

A tissue up the nostrils stops the modern fashion-conscious zombie girl from getting blood onto her clothes!
I'm still waiting on my micro loop extensions! 22" of Brown and baby pink hair. Ooooh~

and I thought I'd show yu some of the pink stuff I bought for my new flat.
 As a child, I always said too myself that if I ever went to university, I would have the most horrifically pink room, you'd ever seem and I've stuck to my word! Here's some of the stuff that I've bought haha~~

I would show you more stuff but that would involve unpacking 3 full suitcases. 

and the all-important notice board. As I just found out what my timetable is like so I filled it out for you.

I have a LOT of free time lol. Only 6.5 hours of lectures a week. Nothing Friday-Monday WOOOO

But seriously, as I have SO MUCH free time, I'm totally open to suggestions as to what to do to fill it.

I get on well with most people but I really do hope I get to know people there that like K-pop, that'll make me really happy :D

Besides, getting really drunk and dancing to SHINee is the best thing ever.

I have another couple of entries to do before I'm off and I'll do a little room tour once I get there :D

Also, in short news:

. I went to the hospital abut my jaw not being able to open. Unlike my GP and dentist, the doctor said it'll go away. I've been put on a soft and small food diet and am getting some weird brace thing

. My job ends on Friday. Fuck yes, I can get my nails done and pink hair (and burn my uniform)

. I have my driving theory on Saturday. I'm going to fail. Wish me luck!

Bai bai ladies and gentzzzzz <3 <3


  1. love your hair at this length. really suits you. Can't wait to see it pink too

    Buut anyways, I love your new hair! ^^ And yoou look pretty awhsum as a Zombie lololol :P
    Zomg, you have bought waaay more stuff than I have D: I haven't even thought about pretty containers and shizz... I just bought the food lawls :P
    I haven't got my timetable yet ;__;

  3. I love your silly pictures, definitely a breath of fresh air! Your chopped hair is adorable as well <3

    Also super jealous of your easy schedule! I have classes M-F usually from 8:30-2pm and I have to drive to school :(

  4. everlastingrandomness12 September 2011 at 20:14

    I'm pretty sure the mystery animal is supposed to be a lamb/sheep.

    Also, I love your new hair! It suits you really well~

    Hope your school year goes well for you. :)

    Damn bitch your timetable is so good, then again my college one ain't too shabby.
    Can't wait for your pink hair and dagger nails<3

  6. Wah, you are my newest idol gyaru nao! Zombie gyaru! Genius! Y i no discover your blog earlier? lol

  7. Haha thank you :D Zombie gyaru is the next big thing, next time you open Egg, all the models are gonna be dripping in blood, eating people but still looking fabulous~

  8. I'll come visit GAWD. I have a 4 day weekend ffs, I'm gonna get bored in Northampton lul.

    IKR, I'm shocked at how few hours I have there! I did about 15 hours of college a week and now, 6.5. MADNESS.

    Excite for pink and brown hair woop woop!

  9. Now that you mention it, I do recall the packaging saying that is was a sheep. TBH it looks more like a cute worm with eyelashes.

    Thank you ;DD

  10. Thank you so much :D

    Ouch that sounds painful! I was really shocked when I found out how little time I was going to be spending there! Maybe I'll do more hours next year..

  11. Thanks :D Looking dead is fun!

  12. It could be because I changed my blog name...? WHO KNOWSZ

    Thank you darlin, I'm still getting used to it.
    i think I have too much stuff for uni now lol. i have so much kitchen stuff and cleaning stuff that I don't think they're going to fit into any of my cupboards that I've been allocated LOL

    You'll be given your time table on your first day methinks~

  13. Thanks gurl. It won't be short for long though.. well that's if I can get my extensions in

  14. I used to have the same weekly planner XD hehe
    I have all my old uni stuff packed up ready for when I move out of here again hah
    Totally miss my flat!

    Loving your new hair length too :D

  15. oh my!!!!! the zombie shot is so stunnning!!!!! love it<3

  16. your life looks pretty interesting, haha XD. and that's so cool that you get to live away from home, my uni is an hour away :P. i bet you'll meet tons of kpop fans, they're everywhere these days!! :0

  17. The amount of time I spend sitting on my ass far out-weighs the interesting things I get up to haha.
    It must be nice for you to be close to home though, no noisy student parties or stupid people stealing your food from the shared fridge.

  18. I LOOOOOVE Taemin <3
    He's so beautiful in person... and REALLY skinny

  19. HAHAHAHA PMSL Creeper buzz... HAHAHAHA. I will never watch toystory the same again.

  20. HAHA it's really alarming when you see the it in the corner of your eyes... plus he has a really pervy expression on his face, it's unnerving lol

  21. You're welcome Emmie ! :) Love your new haircut btw !