Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My summer holiday so far

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I've been a busy little bee recently, mainly with my job and being ill. My body has a tendency to give up when I don't have school so currently I'm suffering a strange stomach virus that makes me both incredibly hungry and nauseous all the time and have developed a jaw joint disorder that renders me unable to open my mouth properly. FUNNNNN. /forever ill

I've been up to a lot of stuff recently, I can't remember most of it tbh but  here's some of teh stuff I did

1) . I got a spontaneous text 2 weeka ago from Chriss asking if me and Ananya wanted to go to the McQueen bar with her and her friend Alex so naturally we said yes. The bar itself was AWESOME, and manly.

 For a place that was supposed to be a burlesque bar, I would have expected the attendees to be a bit flashier but 95% of them were office worker so the 4 of us were all alone and colourful in our little corner sticking out like the muti-coloured hair weird clothed individuals that we are.

Nights out with my London-Crew (as I shall know dub them) always attract as least one weirdo, this time in the form of an office worker and his friends who knows about my secondary secondary school I went to (("You're awesome, even though you went to a shitty school") Talking of my school, I found my old uniform yesterday))
I'd be very freaked out out if someone recognizes my uniform or even goes to the same school as I did hah!

and we spent most of the evening making faces at each other when he wasn't looking.

The performers themselves were really awesome, I wish I got some pictures but my i-phone copped out, saw saw a sword swallower, a suspended-from-ceiling hoop performance, a fan dance and this really odd one which involved a girl, wearing flesh coloured latex bodysuit inflating hearts that were attached to various points on her outfit. It was AWESOME.

Basically we drank a lot and lots of screaming and lolz were had. I haven't been that drunk in YEARS. Luckily I managed to stumble home with Ananya after drinking 6 glasses of water before I left the bar. the rest was a bit of a blur.

2) I went to Emilie's 21st birthday celebration. It was so so much fun! It was nice to catch up with people I haven't seen in a while.
From L-R, Emilie, Farrah, Marie, Me and Emma

being classy in Wagamamas. I was surprised to find out that we do actually have gyaruo in England -flail-
Lol at Marie.
People always seem to have a lot of shit to say about the gal community in the UK and I honestly don't see why. They're all incredibly funny and friendly~ I can;t wait to see them all again!

3) Uh... i forget XD I've seen friends quite a lot and slobbed around

I haven't done a proper buys post in ages, I haven't been shopping as much as I used to but for some reason I seem to go down on money a lot faster and I don't quite know why.... probably McDonalds actually SO HERE IS ONE.

Peter pan collars seem to be quite popular with Gal, particularly Mode and Retro Girly style and I keep seeing these kinda of shirts popping up on tumblr and I thought I'd jump the bandwagon, because why not! It was £10 from Primark. Not bad I think though I do miss the days when things in Primark were like £6...

I need to wear a camisole underneath. Well i don't but I don't want to scare people.

Collar detail!!
Mum forced me to buy a pair of flat shoes because I literally don't have any so I found these in Primark too. I wouldn't normally go for something like these but they're nice and versatile~
£10 methinks

This is my latest splurge, a leather dress from Topshop for £50. It looks super shiny and gross from where I turned up the colour contrast but it's actually a lovely matte fake leather and it looks awesome on, it kind of makes me think of a slutty maid outfit haha!

and these platform fake converse from ebay.

Suddenly I've lost all inspiration to continue this post so here's some random pics from recently

Right now I'm off to tick off stuff from my checklist of stuff to take to university!


  1. i love you emmie, you pretty much rock my world. please post more.
    from, your personal creeper, toni

  2. LOL OH GOD THAT NIGHT AT MCQUEEN How did we acually get that drunk? I had severe issues getting home srsly. I would be dead without aleks >_>


  3. oh gosh you posted. ; ^ ; yayyy
    (I <3 your blog a lot. xD)

    Soo jelly. You looked like you had fun and that bar looks freakin sweet. o A o!
    Nice clothes~! I really like the dress. Those shoes are cool too.

  4. I don't even know but we need a repeat of this evening. MISS YOU! London is absent of agehoes

  5. Sorry to hear you were sick it's a shame we didn't get to see you at the zombie party ~ hope you're feeling better now ^^

  6. Is the mcqueen bar to do with alexander mcqueen? And those outfits! Pretty and that dress!!!! Is interesting and gorgeous!!

  7. I wish! The bar was named and inspired by an actor called Steve McQueen, it's so fancy!
    and thank you :DD

  8. I was so bummed I wasn't able to go! I hope you guys had fun though~

  9. Ahaaa yeah there was a bit of a fight but other than that it was really good :)

  10. So I hear. Dear me some people never grow up AHEMVINCE

    Looks like you had a fun summer holiday! ^^ Hope yoou get well soon <3

  12. Aaah~ looked fun on emilie's bday but fml i was in wales then D:

    I tried that topshop dress too! but it looked minging on me lol but so gorgoeus on you!!

  13. WHY!? You're so slim and gorgeous and have lovely long legs -perv-
    fankz bby ~

  14. It wasss!! You should have comeeee~ Hopefully we'll see you at Matsuri yes?