Saturday, 13 August 2011

Pinky Paradise sponsored post: Bambi Lens grey!


I've been summoned by Pinky Paradise  to do a little review for yall, this time featuring ...

Geo Bambi a.k.a Princess Mimi lenses in Sesame Grey

Some facts

Diameter : 15mm  (i.e they large)
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

If you're into Gyaru then there is a 90% chance you would have heard of the Bambi series before. They're those oh-so-sparkly-and-awesome lenses that were created by the magical Tsubasa Masuwaka that are favored by a lot of famous Gals.

and here are some of the other colours from the series

After about a week, I received my wee little package in the mail and everything was covered lovingly with bubble wrap.

POT SHOT. (lol pun lol) 
They even have a Geo sticker of authenticity which, kind of shockingly, you don't see on a lot of "geo lenses" sold of contact lens sites.
Is it weird I got really excited over the fact that the packing is way different to most Geo lenses you receive?
 Let's have a look!

In my package I also received these free hair Velcro strips. You use them to hold you hair away from your face without getting kinks in your fringe they're pretty amazing

I apologize for how unsymmetrical my eye makeup is in both of these picture lul

With flash

without flash

I'm kind of obsessed with them...

In fact I don't think I've worn another pair of lenses since I got these ones, I like them so much.


Enlargement: *****   I don't like lenses that look too big, so these are PERFECT
Comfort: *****  No pain at all, I wore them for about 11 hours today and they didn't dry at all
Pattern: *****   The design is really pretty I can't really fault them

Where you like mode style, Agejo or Amekaji, the design suits any look, heavy or light makeup, they really are lovely~

If you're interested in buying a pair then click here. Pinky Paradise is selling them for $23.90 which is like £14! Bargain~ They also have the other 3 colours

I've also been given a coupon code for you to abuse!

If you quote Galaxygirl when buying your lenses, you get a free cute animal animal case to store them in plus a mystery gift!

Pinky Paradise are really quick with sending their stuff, they ship their products out in 1-3 days, have a mahoosive choice of 350+ lenses plus they sell lashes, BB Creams, face masks, and a ton of makeup so it's kind of awesom, especially if you're in a Tsubasay mood then you can get Candy Doll makeup and Dolly Winks lashed at the same time lul 

What do you guys think of Bambi lenses? 
g2g sprint to my bed now. It's calling me liek woah.


  1. Pretty eye make up!! Thanks for the review. :) Been thinking of getting my first pair of circle lens, and I might be settling for the Bambi Lens set!

  2. No probm :D They'd be a really good pair to start off with, they go with everything~~ and they're really comfy to wear

  3. I really love Bambi series *_________*

  4. Omigawsh you look beautiful! I love those lenses <3 Me wants D:
    Btw, what lashes are yoou wearing? ^^ Upper and lower? ^^

  5. Top lashes are Diamond Glamorous and the bottoms are diamond Baby eye.. i think