Friday, 5 August 2011

New hair bad weather and shopping

Last week, Marie and I went to an event called Hyper Japan in London which was like a Japanese culture event with added pop-culture. It's a fairly new event, only beginning the year before which I also attended. It was a bit disappointing last year but we had high hopes for this years one because the venue was A LOT bigger.

When we first tured up at the venue, the cue was MASSIVE, it wrapped around half of the outside of the Olympia hall, which is a big building. We queried the staff at the front of the queue and asked how long the queue was and she said...

5 hours. 

Marie and I were just about ready to go home when we saw our friend Rei who just happened to be staff for the event also she managed to sneak us in the venue through the staff entrance :D 

We got bored in literally 15 minutes but we did manage to bump into quite a few people we know which was nice :D

Like last year, there seemed to be no consistency with the stalls, there would be interesting stuff next to totally boring or irrelevant stuff and there were TOO MANY food stalls. To its credit, it did attract a lot of incredibly well dress people.

Talking of food-stalls, I don't know what thy did to the food there but me, Marie and another girl we know were being sick everywhere the day after. What  lovely reminder of the event!

I''ve finally had my fringe cut back in... well... I did it myself, I hope it doesn't look too bad. It came to a point when my fringe was blinding me and I had been procrastinating enough about cutting it cut back in. What motivated me to actually do it was this picture.

On another note, the foundation I bought is too light for my skin and looks BLOODY AWFUL

I also thought I might as well dye my hair too because you can see from that picture, my roots are vile. I tried L'oreal Sublime Mousse in this shade
I've wanted to try a mousse dye ever since they became available in the shops. The Palty advertisements make out that the foam is all frothy like shampoo and I got really excited but my dreams were crushed because once you put the mousse on your hair, it's not moussey anymore D: (Unless that was only on my hair because I have too much of it...)

The results of the fringe trim, and dye

That is not light brown.

It's grown on my now though. 

Also this week, my parents and sister have gone to visit my aunt in Cornwall for a week so I have the whole house to myself
Dancing with joy. Loud music 24 hours a day.
Yesterday when I went out with Chriss for a fabric hunt. She's hoping to make a little clothing collection so we were out looking for funky fabrics to use. I dressed completely inappropriately as it was raining really hard and it was humid and disgusting. I didn't style my hair because I knew it would just fall flat in the rain

creep creep creep creep creep suddenly my hair looks light again
 I was really happy with my makeup that day, I was sent some Bambi grey lenses by Pinky Paradise which I will review for next week
Dunno what my camera was doing but my nails are pink with red tips, not orange and green
 I'm pretty sure we managed to pick up £200 of fabric in under an hour. I really want to see her designs~
We joked that she had enough fabric to turn her flat into a massive den haha~

I then forced Chriss to help me look for KTZ which is a London and Paris based uni-sex brand that is really popular with K-pop groups.

2NE1 even mention it in the English version of Can't Nobody

I had no idea there was actually a store in London because I found the brand through a Japanese website but my friend Daisy (omg I will tell you more about her later) informed me that there was one. Right by my fave restaurant. I had never seen it there before. I suck.

and OMG it was like a wonderland. I have never been to excited to go into a shop in my whole life.One of the customers who was apparently doing a fashion editorial (and had just borrowed a massive pile of their clothes) took a liking to us and as said 'YOU'RE SO STYLISH, WHERE ARE YOU EVEN FROM?!' and we all flailed and tried stuff on and flailed some more. 

I picked up this cute short hoodie with dolman sleeves for £35, reduced from £135?? I think? something like that.

 and I got excited about what clothes I could wear with it.


Jacket: KTZ
Top: Topshop
Harness Necklace: Forever 21
Jeans: Cheap Monday

(there is now a Forever 21 in London, I claim it as my new home)

Chriss picked up this pink dress with an ADORABLE print

Sorry girl, jacking your twitter pictures

It looked really familiar and then I remembered that it's the same dress print that Miliyah Kato is wearing in her video for Baby Baby Baby

It's at 0:21

So I'm definitely going to have to take my ass there some time in the near future again.

I haven't talked about Gal much recently but do not worry, I'm still very much into it (don't think I could ever not be)

Murua recently bought out a range of body-con maxi skirts and I am very much in love with that trend~

I randomly found a similar one in River Island though not in a neon colour. Bit of a shame but it is quite lovely~

It was £18. Bargain!

It also doubles up as a slightly baggy dress!
Pile of stuff ready to take to university
This entry is long enough. Bai Bai darlings~ I'm off to work on a little web-zine article :DD


  1. Oooooh the same dress like Miliyah's, awesome! Suits you very well! ♥

  2. Zomg you look amaaazing! I really envy your fringe. When I tried to cut mine it didn't go so well ;___;
    Lovin' the maxi striped skirt! Looks amaaazing :D And I really want that leopard top ;___;

  3. WOwowowo words can't describe how much I love this post!!! SO fun to read and look at the pics. :) I like that u mention 2ne1 and your 2ne1 outfit is to die for. D: SOO PRETTY AND BADASS! And the last outfit.. I lovelovelove so much. Soo hot!! And I like ur adidas sneakers. xD Keep it up!!

  4. Thank you XD I LOVE 2NE1, they're one of my favourite groups~
    The girl with the adidas trainers is actually my friend Chriss, not me XD

  5. haha Thank you dollll. My fringe looked so retarded when I first cut it that i had to take a break because I was so frustrated with it and then went back in later to correct it XD I also used fabric scissors to do it so that may have helped XD

  6. Shame I didn't see you there. My boyfriend has similar trousers. He calls them his 'bondage trousers'

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the trousers with the lace-uppy-bits. Friggen OM NOM NOM.