Friday, 22 July 2011

Isle of Wight trip!

Hello darlings!!!

I'm back from my week long trip of visiting friends and I am pooped! It feels really weird to not be surrounded by people, it's a bit lonely D: As I'm writing this I've literally just come back from my 4 day trip to the Isle of Wight to visit one of my best friends, Ananya with Marie.

The last time I went to the isle of Wight was last year, in fact I wrote an entry about it in August last year! It's funny, it doesn't feel like it was that long ago.

Marie and I arrived on the island at 11:40 on Monday where Ananya picked us up and whisked us back to her place. I still can't get over how massive her house is. her family used to run it as a hotel up until a couple of years ago. 

This isn't even half of it.
 I find it a really strange idea that a person can have a house with rooms that they don't go into. 

Here are the clothes that I packed. I only just realized I missed out 3 garments. Whoops!

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We made all these fancy plans to go to the beach and chill in the sun but alas the weather was rubbish so we spent most of the time trying to look as disgusting as possible, doing make-up, eating and making stupid noises. 
On the first day we thought it would be fun to make me brown.

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Just your average British teenagers yo
We were also all suddenly inspired to bleach and shave off half our eyebrows. We then did the only rational thing you can do when only having half your eyebrows, which is to do visual kei make-up.
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Not bad for a first try aye?
The main reason I "dramatically altered" my eyebrows is because my own brows suck i.e. grow too fast and can't be plucked into a shape I like plus half-brows look great for gyaru makeup~

On the second day, we got half a day of sunshine so decided to go to the beach for a little walk. The sea-weed STANK so effing bad that we didn't stay long.
Initially, one of our plans for our Isle of Wight trip was to write SHINee's Taemin a birthday message in the sand but for some reason this came out.
I don't even know lol
We then gave him hair and boobs and he came Taeyeon

I would...
I always say this but I really wish I took more pictures. Ananya's house is so flipping huge, when I did want to capture a moment, I'd have to sprint through the house up several slights of stairs to get it, there are so many times I would have loved to have a camera at the ready e.g. making gross rye pancakes, Taemin pizza, chocolate face masks, scaring the gardener, the dead-shrew moment, playing video games, Marie sending pictures of her boobs to Japanese rock band Girugamesh's Satoshi via twitter. FUN TIMES.

Yesterday, the weather was so bad that we just sat in side, watched 'Suicide Club' [which is basically the worst movie I have ever seen in my life, it made no sense and was nothing like the manga] and drew on each other yet again while today was mainly spent traveling back home.

I'm not even that tired now, though I should probably try and get some sleep because my sleeping pattern is messed up at the moment.

I'll write an entry about stuff I bought in the next couple of days~ I'll also update as to whether my parents actually notice my missing eyebrows!

Here, have a funny video. I'm hoping to cosplay bee-man for next year's MCM anime expo in London



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  2. LUL GURL U IS CRAY CRAY. I couldn't miss out those parts, they were highlights.
    it's easier for me to reply to people directly and it actually tells me if people have commented no any of my older entries.

  3. Fuuuuuuuck Ananya's house looks like a mansion!
    So sad i missed out the fun TT___TT
    I actually LOVE the VK makeup you guys did, it looks more gyaru for some reason! Maybe because red lips are in now :D

  4. heatherrsmells29 July 2011 at 06:38

    I love your posts. Your so funny ♥