Thursday, 30 June 2011

My trip to Paris and SM Town

Earlier this month me and my friend Ananya went off to Spring for a couple of days. if any of you remember reading a few entries back, she managed to get hold of tickets for SM Town in Paris for us!

 SM Town, for any of you who aren't in the know, is a concert hosted by the South Korean music company SM Entertainment and they have some of their artists perform. SM Artists are some of the most popular in Asia! They're also some of the most fashionable.

So on the 8th of June, Ananya and I left my house to set off for the airport.


We decided to twin our outfits by wearing similar clothes, capes and shoes. We ended up at the airport at about 11pm on the Wednesday as our flights were at 6am on the Thursday so we had a lot of sitting around to do. We were trying to spot other passengers on our flight who we thought were going to the even too.
We had 6 hours of sitting around to do so we drew pictures on Ananya's ipad

We finally got on the plane and after 55 minutes BAM we were in Paris.

The metro stations in Paris have no lifts of escalators ANYWHERE so if you're disabled, have a child or like us, have massive suitcases, the metro station is not your friend. A man had to help me carry my suitcase up the stairs x_x

We stayed at a hotel called the Hotel du Nord et de L'est. Thank god it has a lift, our room was on the 4th floor. We arrived at about 9 or 10 and fell asleep as soon as we got there.


Bathroom :D You should have seen it by the end of the day, it was covered in hair!

Our window. It was open most the time because it was really warm.

Our.... beautiful view

We managed to cram in a couple of hours of sleep before we set off to meet the lovely Emma of Blooomzy. I'll write a separate entry for our shopping adventure~

The next day we got up relatively early to have a walk around the town. We decided to go up to where the concert was held just so we had an idea where we had to go later in the evening. We weren't originally going to stay but we we found some English girls amongst all the other French and foreign fans so we got talking.

When we introduced ourselves, Me and one of the girls called Asher realized we knew each other from tumblr XD what a funny coincidence! We stuck with each other for the remainder of the day.

From left to right: Asher, Fury, Cin, Nyasha, Ananya and my giant face in the front

People made cute fan signs, this was my favorite one

Our little crew felt left out so we made our own classy fan sign with ripped out diary pages, lash glue and nail polish.


I'm really annoyed that the photos I took didn't show up well because the arena was really smokey. -_-;

While in the venue I got my creep on and did some Gal hunting. This girl was sitting a few rows in front of us so I took a sneaky picture.

I think she was English... WHO ARE YOOOU

and far away in the distance, I spotted this sparkly girl in an Agejo-esque outfit
She had another gal friend who joined her later on. They were so classy, sitting on the floor while the crowd was gathering, props to you ladies!

First on was Lady Gaga... sorry lady HEHE i.e Heechul in drag and the Beyonce girls.

Heechul looked exhausted, poor thing. His legs look great though haha

SNSD performing Genie. I didn't used to like SNSD much but I really fell in love with them here, they're so cute and charasmatic

By the time SHINee came on, I was so weak that I nearly passed out screaming so I had to stop LOL. IT WAS HARD, they're my favorite! THEY WERE SO CUTE.
They're all so beautiful in person, especially Taemin. God he's adorable, I don't care if he's a dude, I would happily have his face. Minho was just PHWOAR all over the place with his perma-sex-face. Unf sexy man. Jonghyun was really excited and was running around everywhere with a massive video camera and Onew was his usual derpy self.

I practically cried when Key came to our side of the stage, he was basically like GOD. He's one of my idols, I absolutely adore him.
*dies* I actually want to be him LOVE him

All the other photos I took are too crap to bother putting up, stupid smoky room.

I got a few alright photos at the end when all the groups came on.

Key and Jonghyun in the foreground, Jonghyun still holding the video camera, waving it in everyone's face.
Thinking abut it, Jonghyun and Key really were getting their gay on with each other the whole night. Not complaining.. hur hur

Walk thing at the endddd.


The concert was a bit of a blur, I hadn't eaten that much so my body was totally exhausted. It was so much fun though, I had an amazing amazing day and met some lovely people. I really didn't want to go home, I miss everyone. I miss the groups. I should have kidnapped them

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