Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Recent buys and sexy faces.


How are you all doing?

I have finally finished my 2 year fashion course at college, which is really sad so I'm sat here now with absolutely nothing to do! This is a life-time first! I'm trying to make the most of my time by being as constructive as possible! I'm trying to get everything organised for university. I don't officially know my grades until tomorrow but my teachers said I don't have to worry about not getting not reaching the grades I need because apparently they're high enough =_= thank god. Other than that and seeing friends and the like, I don't now what to do with myself so I thought I would blog about some of the stuff I have bought recently~

I'm serously lacking in flat shoes at the moment infact I had none so I decided to get these for £20 from New Look!

They actually have a bit of a heel but I find shoes with a bit of a heel much more comfortable to walk in.

THIS from when I was in Paris
I really don't know what to wear with it but I really like it. it's a really awkward top because the tassels just hang out all over the place.

This awesome top from Topshop.

It really wasn't something I would have normally picked but the colour was screaming at me.

And some shorts because you can never have enough~


And one of my wives, (I have 6 ;D) Unni bought these Cheap Monday jeans for me in Sweden because she knew I really wanted a pair and why did I want a pair...?

...cos Key has as pair and my love of him is starting to border on obsession so I actually needed them.
Sittin' here molesting my own legs.
I got this bag a couple of months back when I went looking for a new bag for college. It's rather snazzy but I quite regret getting it now...
For £48, it really isn't worth the money. The material is a stretchy face leather than easily tears revealing the underneath not-so-nice stuff. The plasticy border on the handles are starting to tear in places and the bottom of the bag has started going blue for some reason. TLDR: Don't buy Marc B bags folks!

I bought some classy jewelry from Primark when I was out with Marie and Unni 2 weeks ago.

 MANLY JEWELRY IS MANLY. it only came to about £7 in total :D Viva Primark!

And today after I went to the doctors about my dislocating jaw adn went to the bank, I went to Boots and got some eye shadows and blusher from the 7 range there.

Inside the free gift bag~

And today because I got bored, I took sum PIKCHAZ.

I'm currently writing this from my grave because I watched the Ring video, look what happened to my face DX
I dislocated my jaw cartilage doing this face XD

Talking of ring faces, have any of you guys seen Japanese model Kyary Pamyupamyu? I see her on Gyaru tumbles quite a lot. She's not  a gal though, she's a newish Kera model and she makes the most fantastic derp faces.

Stylish, adorable and facially flexible. UNF.

What a beaut, I tried my own variation of this picture a while ago.

Check out my chins!!

I should probably remove myself from a computer before I show myself up ever more. BYE BYEEEE

Romihi derp <3
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  1. haha I'm literally rolling on floor because of the picture of the blonde girl doing the multiple-chin-earthworm-face XDXD cuuute

  2. best blog thingy EVARS!!!!!