Monday, 27 June 2011

Berry Holic lens review

It's that time again; it's lens review time.

This time, I'm reviewing a pair of green lenses from the Geo Berry Holic series.

Funnily enough I got sent the same pair of lenses by two separate lens sponsors, FOTDLooks and my usual love, Mukuchu so I'm slightly confused as to how I'm going to go about talking about them. ^_^;

I apologise to both of them for being so slow -_-''

First some information


I know I've said this quite a lot of times in the past but to date, these are my FAVOURITE lenses. I absolutely love them. Recently I haven't been too keen on very plasticy looking fake looking lenses so there are person for me. The colour and design is pretty natural.

You can get away with using natural-ish make up with these lenses as they aren't too big

You can wear basic makeup with them and not look like an alien hahaha

I'll talk about FOTDLooks first~

So in under a week (3 days to be exact) (FOTDLooks is located in the UK) I received this spiffy, well-packed little package.

I had to hack into it with scissors!

And here's what's inside!

Everything has been thought about~ it's so professional looking!  I'm particularly impressed with the fact there are instructions on how to put the lenses in and clean them etc, I've ordered a lot of lenses online in my time but this is the first time I've received instructions with them. This is excellent for first-time lens users

The lens jars themselves! They even have the all-important Geo sticker of authenticity to assure you that they are not fake, therefore you won't be putting yourself at any risk by having them in!

And here's a picture of my second pair of lenses that Mukuchu sent me so you can see the colour when they aren't in the eye. I get so excited when I receive packages from her~ My mum... not so much (she hates me wearing lenses)

You can really see the green here.

Most of these lenses look green but in fact they aren't.
CM953 is hazel
CM955 is grey
CM956 is green and the colour I was given
CM958 is brown

 I think it's the yellow ring on the inner circle that throws you off a bit but without that yellow ring they wouldn't look nearly as natural. The yellow helps to disperse your natural eye colour therefore helping the lenses to blend in with the colour better.

I am absolutely delighted with my new lenses and the amazing service provided at FOTD-looks; excellent communication, fast shopping and adorably presented packaging, I am genuinely thrilled, unfortunately since being sent the lenses, the site is now being discontinued but the Facebook page is still up and running!

So now for cam-whoring.

I had quite a hard time trying to capture the green as it's pretty subtle while the yellowy middle part of the lens is quite striking. The green only really shows up in natural light, with a flash, it's quite hard to see.

They make me think of a tamer version of the popular Princess Mimi aka Bambi lenses that are really popular with Gal models like Tsubasa.

Enlargement: ***** For me, 14mm are the perfect size, I don't like them being any bigger than that~

Colour/Design: **** The only thing I would want to improve was the intensity of the green as my eyes are still looking pretty brown~

Comfort: **** They stayed comfy all day though near the end of my day i.e a trip out with my girls, my vision was starting to blue. I personally blame my eyes for being fussy!

If you're interested in buying a pair, then you can click here for Mukuchu's page, all her Geo lenses are $25 which is only £15 and she stocks 8 colours from the series~


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