Friday, 17 June 2011

London Graduate Fashion Week

I caved, I got bored, here's a post now.

I don't really talk about my daily life, particularly college. I spend 3 days a week there and I never write about it so I thought I would today because we did something fun last week! On Monday last week, I went to London graduate fashion week with my college.

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Here was my company for the day~

I spent 3 days a week these these babies, I love them lots!!
Graduate fashion week is where fashion university graduates showcase their final university project in the form of a mini collection which consists of about 5-6 pieces. There's a lot of press around it as some of these guys could be the designers for the future! It's a really exciting day. Each uni is allocated a time slot and you can get tickets for the uni you want to see.

Random picture of an outfit someone made. I should have taken more but I had a feeling the students would get pissy if we did ;_;

We got tickets for the Du Montford show because one of our college tutors used to teach there.

There was a lot of time until the Du Montford students stuff was showing so me and my friends had the opportunity to walk around and see the stalls that the universities had set up. The universities create really fancy stalls with student's designs and pretty decorations to attract new students to them. As well as giving our university prospectuses, some of them give out beautifully presented photo books, magazines etc of the students designs. So yeah I came back from the event with a massive crap of amazing free stuff!

Yoooy lots of fun things to look at!
Spread out on my floor 8D
Company magazine were also giving out goodie bags for £3 which conyained a load of stuff so i couldn't resist!
Not bad for 3 quid! The bag also had a bottle of dragon fruit vitamin water, some chocolate and some crisps but I ate those before I could take the picture!

SWAPPED THE PICTURE cause I forgot I took this one~
I got my photo taken for a magazine, the lady liked my skirt and shoes. I wear this outfit too much. It's like my safe-outfit. If I'm ever stuck with what to wear, this automatically goes on, with different shoes and accessories. Covered my face because my beauty would blind you my face was revolting.

((Someone on Gal secrets pointed out that I don't look Gal most of the time. First of all SOZ and secondly, not gonna lie, I don't even take pictures when I am because I'm in such a rush to get out the house I don't bother and all my blog pictures are mostly lens reviews where I just wear any clothes for the sake of not being naked (cos I don't wear clothes in my bedroom ever) but that's another story!!))

On to the Du Montford show

They're all so talented

This was my favorite by Emily Andrews. I'm a sucker for pastels and her designs just did it for me

This is the jacket from the front

isn't it cute!!

Her accessories were to die for with cute starry belt and starry shoes and the best part
Other than the clothes, my favorite thing about Graduate Fashion week is the student's choice in music. Each student gets to pick what song plays when their clothes appear on the cat-walk (you can hear the music even when you're not in the stage area) and I have to say I was really impressed! I don't know which university it was but one of the students played Take Me Take Me by Perfume and I freaked out. Another had Vinushka by Dir en Grey and the song after was Queen Adreena's cover of Jolene. I was so stoked!!

All in all, it was a really good day and I had lots of fun! Though i did come home with a dead arm from the amount of things I had stuffed into my bag haha :D



  2. Heyy like your blog! Great pics!

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  3. Awwww your blog is great!! The last picture is epic. Btw, Gyaru secrets is bullshit, please don't mind people writing such stuff anonymously... (//∇//)
    Ah and feel free to check my blog too:

  4. Fsdfhksdfjhf that poster on gal secrets DUN KNOE SHIT, you look fab and gal w/out even having to try<3

    Looks so awesome there... I want to go D;

  5. nipples

    Looks like it was a good day out. I told myself I'd go to it this year because I knew someone that was in it but....lazy me >.<

  6. Fsdfhksdfjhf that poster on gal secrets DUN KNOE SHIT, you look fab and gal w/out even having to try<3

    Looks so awesome there... I want to go D;

  7. Heyy like your blog! Great pics!

    Check out my blog, too =)