Thursday, 19 May 2011

Gals go fabric hunting.

Hello my dears!

Yesterday I had a really busy day. I met up with Amelie who came down to London for a few days to see the band D so we could go shopping and once again (for the third time in 2 weeks) look for fabric for college.

I wore my new tshirt that I got from Urban Outfitters last week. I don't know why, but I couldn't resist buying it. It's a bit flimsy but I like how it has longish sleeves rather than cap sleeves.

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I also spotted a very similar t-shirt in Egg magazine that had a frayed hem. I guess if you were brave enough you could achieve a similar effect with the UO one.

Picture stolen from my other blog
I wore it with these items~

Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Topshop
Socks: River Island
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell at Office Shoes

I also wore it with a chunk silver chain necklace which I have misplaced...

I should have taken a picture of my hair and makeup because I was quite proud of it. My hair was kind of channeling Mickey Mouse like these guys.

?? and Nana Suzuki

 I wish my hair would stay up like this haha
I'd never done my hair like that before but it looks quite cute. Amelie let me borrow her W♥C head-consuming leopard print bow to complete the look. People looked at me like I was mental. Well, at least I didn't look boring!

I went into a shop on Oxford Street that I hadn't been in before, called Miss London (it doesn't seem to have a website). It's a cute shop, nothing out for the ordinary but the prices are quite cheap in comparison to most of the shops on Oxford Street.

I got this skirt for £13

There's several layers of different material including a polka dot one with lace attached and a seee-thruogh fabric which I have no idea what it's called..

The quality isn't amazing but it was a good price and it's a versatile skirt.

Then me and Amelie got on with business; fabric hunting...

After going into a ton of shops and getting lost several times, I managed to get hold of some white cotton velvet which I would dye this rather fetching shade of panama blue from Dylon.

I I Dyeing time

Stir for 15 minutes continuously and let it set for another 45.

There was a hole in the third finger on my rubber glove so my finger is now blue. Huzzah

Two days later, my finger is still slightly blue...

I'm starting to look around for things to buy for university such as crockery and cutlery. I feel like I'm getting my own house! I've been looking for cute Rilakkuma plates and the such, I wanted to be surrounded by cute things at uni!

If you know of any good sites that sell cute home ware please let me know ^.^ I'll probably do a mood board of all the stuff I want for a future blog entry haha


  1. Oooo! I can't do Mickey Mouse hair! Mine's too thin :p But I can do a fake big bun on one side!

    You should have taken a snap! :D!
    As for homewear, sounds maybe lame but at work we sell some kinda cute stuff, not like Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty but more like cool ice cube trays and stuff! Other than that, maybe try Artbox?

  2. Love the look of that outfit!! :O

    and the girl with nana is Rui :D I love her hehe
    i wish I could have seen your hair like this!

  3. That cross shirt is awesomeeee!

  4. Aww I wish I could see your hair, that sounds like it would look awesome with the outfit! Well, next time maybe :B

    Hilarious blue finger. Funny how it was THAT one that had a hole in it.

  5. That girl with Nana is called Rui Kotobuki! ♥

  6. Just found your blog! Very nice and cute, Love it <3

  7. Love the look of that outfit!! :O

    and the girl with nana is Rui :D I love her hehe
    i wish I could have seen your hair like this!